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Reviews of the Best 10 Inch Guitar Speakers

Best 10 Inch Guitar Speakers – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

For those who are lucky enough with to play a gig or do a recording with just a guitar and a microphone on hand, a guitar speaker is vital. Guitar speakers come in three sizes – there are the 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch types.

But for now, we are going to zero in just some of the best 10 inch guitar speaker models on the market today, i.e. those that we really like and also get very high customer satisfaction ratings.

Our experts looked at dozens of models from a variety of top brands to arrive at our final list of 5. We took into account price/value, overall quality, buyer experiences and other important criteria.

Following are our best 10 inch guitar speaker choices, any one of which would be a great option for you. Take a look at all of them, then check out what customers have to say about each one. This will help you make a more informed decision.

Best 10 Inch Guitar Speakers 2021 Comparison Table:

#2Celestion G10 Greenback4.5 Check Price
#3Jensen Speaker C10R4.6 Check Price
#4Eminence Patriot Ragin Cajun4.7 Check Price
#5Jensen Speaker P10R84.3 Check Price

#1 EMINENCE LILBUDDY 10-Inch Lead/Rhythm Guitar Speakers

EMINENCE LILBUDDY is a clean and 10 inch great American speaker that comes with a hemp cone and monster tone.

These guitar speakers are ideal for Jazz and Blues.

It has an alnico magnet, which means it’s really best for vintage and country sound, whether it’s on a recording or a big event.

Tone is a matter of personal preference but using EMINENCE LILBUDDY, you will feel a clean and full tone.

Build of high quality, you can turn the bass to 0 and treble up to 7 and still you will get a bassy tone.

The only slightly negative thing is that it takes time to break in, but don’t see it as something negative because the quality is kind of worth the wait.

#2 Celestion G10 Greenback Guitar Speaker, 8 Ohm

This one, on the other hand, has a ceramic magnet. Cheaper than the Red Fang, it is currently on sale with free shipping so it’s even more affordable right now. Most agree that this speaker rocks in rock music!

It even produces sounds that could be comparable with its 12-inch big brothers. Some, though, still think it’s a bit pricey for its type and would recommend other models if they want more mellow sounds.

#3 Jensen Vintage C10R 10-Inch Ceramic Speaker, 8 ohm

The Jensen Vintage C10R 10-Inch Ceramic Speaker comes in all three sizes but of course for this feature on the best 10 inch guitar speaker we are going to deal with the 10 inch type only.

This one can be bought for just a little less than fifty dollars, but accordingly the sound it produces is comparable to the crisp, full-bodied tones of a Fender Tweed. It didn’t even need some breaking in. This model suits small and low wattage amps best.

#4 Eminence Patriot Ragin Cajun 10″ Guitar Speaker, 75 Watts at 8 Ohms

Another one of those small and affordable performers at only 70 dollars, and now, it’s even on sale for 65 dollars. Reviewers say it is best for the lead guitar – it makes the sound loud, crisp, and clear while maintaining the smoothness of the tone, exceeding even up to 30 watts.

However, it is advisable to use another guitar speaker for the rhythm guitars, because there’s not much bottom adjustment capability in this kind of speaker. This one is basically meant for sounds to stand out.

#5 Jensen Vintage P10R8 10-Inch Alnico Speaker, 8 ohm

Last but not the least is an alnico gem from Jensen Vintage. If one is into blues junior, he’s going to sound like vintage Fender tweed here, with the growl and sweetness included. It’s easy to break in, because the wattage is just low. But it seems that this speaker takes some time to adjust.

Some attest that theirs just really started loosening up after one week of continuous use. But some are just not convinced that this guitar speaker sounded vintage enough. It’s also less than comparable to the Fender in terms of sound. However, the fact that it’s alnico gives it a sound that’s just right.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 10 inch Guitar Speakers:

Now that we have zeroed in five of the best 10″ guitar speaker models on the market, it’s helpful to know what questions you need to ask when we’re buying your own 10 inch guitar speakers.

Here are some questions and answers to keep in mind as you shop:

  • How much wattage do they take? The max is 30 watts, so it’s safest to buy 10 inch guitar speakers that could take just that amount of wattage from their guitar amps.
  • Are there built in effects? Built in effects may or may not work to a guitar player’s advantage. It really depends on what you want to achieve, whether it’s revving up the sound of the guitar or giving it some bottom. Knowing whether there are certain effects that the you want in the speaker will help you decide if that’s the right choice for you.
  • Can it withstand wear and tear? The best guitar speakers, whether 8 inch, 10 inch, or 12 inch, have the ability to withstand years of steady use. Heck, there are some models for sale on Amazon that date back to the 70s and 80s! For a guitar speaker to be deemed worthy, it has to be like wine – the older it gets, the better its sound gets as well. This is one of the reasons why the Fender is an all time favorite choice when it comes to guitar supplies.

In Conclusion: Best 10 Inch Guitar Speakers

So there you have the top 5 best 10″ guitar speakers on the market today, as well as some questions you might ask while looking for an appropriate choice. Hopefully this will help make the buying process easier on you.

If you come across other models that you don’t see here and want us to review it, please feel free to drop us a line. We’ll be happy to consider adding it to future updates.


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  • Did you review the Warehouse line of 10″ speakers? They are getting rave reviews everywhere.

  • I have an old super reverb (’69). It is too big and heavy for what I am doing right now. I want to build a new smaller cabinet which would fit two 10″ speakers (rather than the four).
    I have been informed by people who seem to know, that two ten inch speakers in this context would need to be at 4 ohms each. I see very little out there about 10″ speakers at 4 ohms . What can you recommendation for this situation? thank you

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