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Best 2000 Watt Amps | 2000W RMS Amplifier Reviews


Do you love listening to loud music in your car? There’s nothing better than blasting your favorite song on maximum volume while driving around the neighborhood with all eyes on you.

Unfortunately, built-in car stereos and even some of the more advanced subwoofers cannot provide such a deep and thrilling sound. If you want to take the audio in your car to the next level, you will have to step up your equipment and invest into a powerful amplifier.

We recommend you to look for a powerful 2000 watt amplifier that will suit the equipment you already have installed in your vehicle. What you should be looking for is an amp with extensive power and advanced control settings for the best audio experience.

While there are tons of 2000 watt amplifiers on the market, we have narrowed down your options to the five best 2000 watt amps that will change the way you listen to music while driving. Read on to learn more about our top five choices when it comes to advanced car amplifiers and audio equipment!

Best 2000 Watt RMS Amplifier Comparison Table:

#1Rockville dB12 2000w4.3 Check Price
#2Pioneer GM-D96054.2 Check Price
#3Audiopipe APMI-2000 Mini4.3 Check Price
#4Skar Audio RP-2000.1D4.1 Check Price
#5Hifonics BRX2016.1D3.9 Check Price

#1 Rockville dB12 2000 Watt Peak Amplifier

For starters, the Rockville Peak Amplifier is a great addition for anyone who wants to boost the audio in their vehicle with a small budget.

This amplifier is fully designed and developed within the United States, which means it offers guaranteed quality. It features a strong high-speed power supply along with an adjustable 12db octave crossover with differential circuitry.

Its IC controlled protection circuitry makes this amplifier not only powerful but also long-lasting.

Furthermore, even though it is one of the most affordable amplifiers that offer good quality of sound, this Rockville device features plenty of customization options, including an adjustable bass equalizer, as well as a bass remote for remote control.

It is important to mention that the amplifier is CEA compliant and that it meets all standards of a good quality audio device. On top of it all, it features convenient LED indicators that will let you know the status of the device at any time.

  • High-speed power supply
  • Fully adjustable
  • Bass equalizer and remote included
  • LED indicators
  • Remote dashboard subwoofer control
  • CEA compliant
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Limited sound volume – not as powerful as the more expensive options

#2 Pioneer GM-D9605 GM Digital Series Class D Amplifier

Next up is the Pioneer Class D Amplifier that serves as an “all-in-one” device. This amplifier is ideal for those who enjoy listening to powerful audio while driving.

For such a decent price range, the amp offers far more power than you would expect. On the other hand, it is very compact and easy to set up in any vehicle.

What’s best about this amplifier is its versatility, as it can be used not only in cars but also in boats and ATVs. You don’t always get such installation flexibility from a car amplifier, especially not for this kind of affordable pricing.

As for the amplifier itself, it features five channels and a low-pass filter that allows detailed adjusting of the audio frequency.

The numerous audio customization options allow you to produce a unique sound, just the way you like it. Overall, this flexible 2000 watt class D amplifier provides great sound quality and adjustable features while saving you space in the car.

  • Impressive power
  • Compact
  • Flexible installation
  • Low-pass filter
  • Adjustable low frequencies
  • Five channels
  • None

#3 Audiopipe APMI-2000 Mini Design Class D Amplifier

This Audipipe Class D Car Amplifier belongs to the mid-price range but it offers far more quality than you would expect at this price. For starters, this amplifier is built to last.

It is durable and, if you install it properly, it is guaranteed to operate flawlessly. It produces powerful sound thanks to the variable bass boost.

The best feature it has to offer is the wired remote bass level control that allows users to customize the sound and adjust it to their liking.

Coming from a reliable manufacturer, this amplifier is definitely worth the money. Keep in mind that its installation might be a bit complex.

However, it is important to tune it the right way and adjust it to the equipment you already have in your vehicle. Otherwise, the amplifier might start overheating.

As long as you install it properly, you will glad you purchased this amplifier that offers underrated power. If you’re not experienced in setting up audio equipment in vehicles, make sure to get a professional to help you out.

  • Wired remote bass level control
  • Variable bass boost
  • Powerful sound
  • Clean bass with no distortion
  • Durable and built to last
  • Complex installation
  • Might overheat if not tuned properly

#4 Skar Audio RP-2000.1D Monoblock Class Amplifier

The fourth item on our list of five best 2000 Watt amps is the Skar Audio Monoblock class amplifier. We are slowly climbing the price range with this product but this amplifier is definitely worth the extra few bucks.

It offers maximum audio efficiency and an extremely powerful power supply. If you want the audio equipment in your car to be truly impressive, this is the kind of amplifier you should go for.

It features a high speed MOSFET power supply and an advanced PCB board design form maximum quality.

Thanks to high quality engineering, this amplifier features a 4-way protection circuitry. It also includes a remote subwoofer level control and provides amazing volume for this price.

Thanks to all these features, this has become the most popular amplifier ever manufactured by Skar Audio. It is easy to install and set up so you can start blasting music right out of the box!

  • High Speed MOFSET Power Supply
  • High quality engineering
  • 4-Way protection circuitry
  • Special PCB board design
  • Remote Subwoofer control
  • Easy installation
  • Does not have a fan
  • Heats up easily

#5 Hifonics BRX2016 Amplifier

We usually save the highest quality item for the end and, in this case, the highest quality 2000 Watt amplifier on the market is the Hifonics BRX2016 model.

This Britus Mono Super D Class amplifier features a powerful boost equalizer and a bass remote for more convenient controls. The on-board electronic crossover and circuit maximize the efficiency of this device and provide high quality audio every time.

In other words, this Hifonics amplifier is simply built to impress. It will take the audio in your vehicle to a whole new level.

If you want to shake up the whole neighborhood while driving around and blasting your favorite tracks, this amplifier will help you achieve the desired results.

After all, it is the most expensive option for a reason! It’s boost equalizer is one of the most powerful equalizers on the market right now.

  • D Class Amplifier
  • Efficient electronic crossover
  • Powerful boost equalizer
  • Includes a bass remote for easier control
  • Powerful sound and volume
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Not manufactured in the US (manufactured in China)


We hope that our list of the five best 2000 Watt amps will help you make your decision as to which amplifier suits your needs best.

There are tons of amplifiers currently available on the market, which makes it far more challenging to choose a single product. That is why we narrowed down your choices to the top five options in hopes to make it easier for you to make a decision.

If you’re still unsure which amplifier you should purchase for your vehicle, try to sort out your priorities.

Firstly, decide what is your budget for the purchase and narrow down your options even further by choosing the products that are within the desired price range.

Once you’re down to two or three options, consider the audio and volume boost quality. Think about what kind of effect you want to achieve with the new amplifier. If you want high quality audio to listen to while driving, go for one of the two options on our list.

However, if your goal is to blast your favorite music on maximum volume so that the whole neighborhood can hear the bass, opt for the fourth or the fifth amplifier on our list.

The Skar Audio amplifier and the Hifonics amplifier are two of the most powerful audio boosters that will turn your vehicle into a moving party!

After all, investing a few extra dollars is well worth it if you consider the kind of quality you would receive with one of these popular products.

Take your time to make a decision and, once you’re done, feel free to leave us a comment and let us know which amplifier you chose and why!

If you’ve already used one of these amplifiers, leave your thoughts below to help other readers make a choice!

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