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Best 4 Channel Mixers – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

More and more, people are discovering the joy of using the vast array of increasingly affordable home audio equipment to better the output of their recording projects. The same applies to providing a more enjoyable means of playback as well.

There’s really no need to be limited to whatever the default equipment of our various entertainment and recording systems give us out of the box anymore. One of the best ways to jazz things up in the home recording studio or entertainment system is to implement a nice 4 channel mixer.

The good news is that the best 4 channel mixer on the market are becoming quite wallet friendly. You can break the bank on huge mixing boards if you want, but a simple 4 channel unit is generally all you’ll need to either give yourself access to more headphones for playback.

When your band is recording, make sure the balance is right on everyone while working on a podcast, or even merely giving yourself a more immersive and properly leveled audio experience for your entertainment systems. To help get you started, the paragraphs below will feature some basic reviews of the 5 best 4 channel mixers currently available!

Best 4 Channel Mixers 2019 Comparison Table:

#1Behringer Microamp HA4004.1 Check Price
#2Pyle 400-Watt PMX402M3.4 Check Price
#3Shure SCM2684.4 Check Price
#4New Mackie PROFX4v25.0 Check Price
#5Mackie 402VLZ44.3 Check Price

#1 Behringer 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amp (HA400 Model)

Behringer’s HA400 headphone amp gives you 4 inputs for headphones, giving you a multitude of great recording options. For instance, everyone can hear each other better in a studio environment, as well as have a means of keeping track of the same metronome while recording a song.

You can adjust the volume of each input, and the quality remains clear even when turned way up! This is also a great way to give a boost to the likes of laptop computers that have terrible default audio output. Best of all, even with the DC adapter included!

#2 Pyle 400-Watt Powered 4-Channel Mixer (PMX402M Model)

On Pyle’s PMX402M, there are a literal wealth of features that more than make up for it. This unit includes 5 band equalization, 4 high impedance inputs, RCA recording jacks, USB and SD card readers, an LCD display, and compatibility with a host of mobile devices including MP3 players, smart phones, and tablets.

With this model, Pyle has made a serious powerhouse for either recording or playback, and its many options easily make it one of the best 4 channel mixers out there!

#3 Shure 4-Channel Microphone Mixer W/ 6 Transformers (SCM268 Model)

There’s another price hike here. Shure is a well established brand however, most known for being the leading manufacturer of microphones. When it comes to audio, they know they stuff. With its 6 transformers, you’re going to get a minimum of RF interference and ground loops here.

This is a perfectly quiet unit for monitoring or playback, and you can even rack mount it if you’re really hardcore into the home studio game! Other key features include five aux inputs, a LED output meter, an aux output, and enough power to work seamlessly with one of Shure’s condenser mics.

#4 Mackie 4-Channel Compact Mixer W/ USB & Effects (PROFX4V2 Model)

Next up, Mackie enters the fray with their PROFX4V2 mixer. This is a compact unit with 4 noise limited mic pre-amps. If you’re the type to love twiddling knobs for different sounds, the many options included here will literally be heaven.

You’ll have access to 16 different effects, all of which can be changed or combined into different sounds on the fly. This is perfect for recording or even performing live, as well as dialing in your playback to your specific tastes. More bass, more reverb, more gain: you name it!

#5 Mackie 4-channel Ultra Compact Mixer W/ High Quality Onyx Pre-Amp (402VLZ4 Model)

Finally, Mackie has another choice you should definitely consider: the 402VLZ4. There’s still quite an impressive host of features on this mixer. This is another low noise design with notably high headroom, making it a fine choice for the audiophiles out there.

Its Onyx mic pre-amps also give you great frequency response as well as a 128 decibel dynamic range and 60 decibels of gain. The ultra compact design also makes it a fine choice for those of you who are constantly running out of room in your studio.

Maintenance Guide, Hygiene The Product

To take care of your 4 channel mixer, you need to make sure that it’s kept in a relatively clean environment. The knobs, faders, and input jacks must remain free from dust and residue. Occasional dusting is highly recommended.

Rather than use any abrasive chemicals to clean your mixer, do your best to get the job done with a simple chamois cloth. You also want to make sure to behave responsibly around this kind of audio equipment. This means keeping food and drinks away from it as much as possible.

If you open the door to potential spills, you can easily find yourself in a nightmare situation where certain aspects of your mixer will need to be repaired or replaced altogether. Do your best to take proper care of it!

In Conclusion To

These models from Behringer, Pyle, Shure, and Mackie are easily among the best 4 channel mixers currently available. No matter which you choose, the options they’ll open up in your recording endeavors, mixing, and even entertainment playback are unquestionably more than worth the price of admission.

You’ll never have to worry about being unable to hear things properly or keep the levels of multiple inputs properly balanced ever again. For a small home studio or entertainment system, a nice 4 channel mixer will give you just the right amount of functionality without seeming like overkill or taking up too much space.

Once your preferred model has arrived, you’ll likely find yourself wondering how you ever got along without it!

Best 4 Channel Mixers – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews
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