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Best Beginner Mandolins

Best Beginner Mandolins – Starter Mandolin Reviews

Best Beginner Mandolins

Mandolin is a small and unique instrument that produces a truly beautiful sound. If you’ve ever had the desire to learn how to play an instrument, learning to play a mandolin is a great option for a beginner.

This small instrument is capable of producing such high quality tones that you can quickly pick up on the basic skills and start playing folk tunes in no time!

However, if you are a beginner in the overall sense of playing musical instruments and you’ve never played a string instrument before, you will have to pay attention to the kind of mandolin you purchase.

Buying a mandolin for the first time might be challenging because beginner players don’t really know what to look for. For starters, the quality of sound of a mandolin depends on several factors such as string quality and body material.

If you’re just looking for a durable mandolin to learn your first notes, you should opt for one of the beginner sets that are not too complicated to use.

Besides, beginner mandolins are more affordable than professional ones and you probably don’t want to spend too much money on your first instrument of this kind.

It’s always best to start small and upgrade from there if you find that playing mandolin is something that you like to do. Without further ado, take a look at the list of five best beginner mandolins below!

Best Beginner Mandolins – Starter Mandolin Comparison Table:

#1MANDOLIN - A Style3.1 Check Price
#2Donner A Style Mandolin4.2 Check Price
#3EDMBG 8-String MANDOLIN F-Style2.8 Check Price
#4Rogue Learn-the-Mandolin4.7 Check Price
#5Washburn Americana M1-Pack5.0 Check Price

#1 EDMBG Mandolin A Style

As usual, we will kick start our list with the most affordable product on the market. In this case, the EDMBG Mandolin fits the description of the cheapest beginner mandolin capable of delivering high quality results.

This instrument features eight strings and it is 24.5 inches long. It features the traditional teardrop shape along with an oval sound hole for good sound response. The instrument’s top is made of spruce material, whereas its back and sides feature walnut materials.

Furthermore, the setup includes white frets and a nickel plated metal tail piece that ties it all together. Overall, this is a great deal for your money if you are looking for a mandolin suitable for getting started.

You don’t have to make a large investment if you’re just exploring the instrument. This affordable beginner mandolin will provide good response and a decent quality sound perfect for beginners who are learning their first chords.

  • Eight strings
  • 24.5 inches long
  • Traditional teardrop shape
  • Oval sound hole for better response
  • Spruce top combined with walnut back and sides
  • Nickel plated metal tail piece included
  • Affordable
  • Decent quality
  • You will need a set of spare strings

#2 Donner A Style Mandolin

Next up is another A style mandolin featuring a beautiful sunburst design on mahogany wood. For a slightly higher price, this mandolin comes with a set of useful accessories such as a tuner, a bag, and picks.

In other words, the package includes everything you need to start playing right out of the box. The chrome tuner keys along with decent quality strings and the mahogany body provide great sound quality.

It is important to mention that this mandolin is slightly longer than the previous one, as it measures 28 inches in length and features a total of 20 frets.

Besides its unique design, the mandolin provides great tuning quality for this price. Its alloy metal tuner helps you keep the strings in tune for a longer period of time.

On top of it all, the instrument features an adjustable bridge that makes the entire setup even more convenient.

Let’s not forget that the manufacturer is also offering a money back guarantee in case you’re nost satisfied with the quality of the product!

  • Sunburst mahogany
  • Includes necessary accessories such as tuner, bag, and picks
  • Ready to play out of the box
  • Chrome tuner keys
  • Mahogany body
  • Adsjutable bridge
  • Unique design
  • Great sound quality
  • Shades of color might vary and not be the same as on the picture

#3 EDMBG 8 String F Style Mandolin

Moving on to the third item on our list, here we have another EDMBG eight string mandolin, except that this is an F style beginner instrument.

This mandolin features a unique sunburst tobacco design on sandalwood with luxurious golden hardware that makes the instrument look way more sophisticated. Besides the stunning design, this mandolin features a great quality body made of solid spruce top and sides.

Furthermore, the instrument comes with deluxe tuners, a pick guard, as well as an adjustable bridge. All these features and accessories make this F style mandolin suitable for students and beginners who want to learn playing this instrument quickly.

It is important to mention that this is a beginner mandolin and, despite its luxurious appearance, it does not meet the professional standards. However, it’s a great model for learning.

  • Sunburst tobacco sandalwood design
  • Golden hardware
  • Solid spruce top and sides
  • Includes deluxe tuners, an adjustable bridge, and a pick guard
  • Suitable for students and beginners
  • Weak strings might need replacement

#4 Rogue Learn-The-Mandolin Package

Moving on to the fourth beginner mandolin on our list! We are quite excited to present the Rogue Learn-The-Mandoline Package because this is one of the best beginner packages that you will find on the market. It includes everything you need to start playing the mandolin right away.

With that said, the package comes with the instrument (obviously), the Mandolin method Book, the Mandolin Chords Plus Book, and a durable gig bag. The mandolin also features hardware for a strap if you wish to attach one.

What’s so amazing is that this set comes with all the necessary accessories for beginners yet it is still very affordable. The instrument itself features a sunburst design, even though you can opt for a plain black design as well. It offers amazing quality for players on the beginner level.

The instrument is easy to hold, which makes it far easier to learn your first chords. Let’s not forget to mention that this is an A-style mandolin and It comes with durable steel strings that provide clear tones.

  • Two designs available
  • Very affordable starter set
  • Includes accessories such as two instruction books and a gig bag
  • Great quality for beginners
  • Easy to learn on
  • A-style mandolin
  • Steel strings for a clear tone
  • The set does not come with a tuner

#5 Washburn Americana M1-Pack Mandolin

Last but definitely not least is the Washburn Americana M1-Pack that includes even more accessories than the previous product. This mandolin set for beginners comes with a gig bag, a pitch pipe, a strap, a set of picks, and one instruction book.

The instrument itself is made by a reliable manufacturer known for offering high quality instruments since the late 1800s. They are so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a lifetime warranty on the entire set.

Furthermore, this mandolin provides amazing tone and projections, perfect for beginners who are serious about learning to play this instrument.

As an A-style mandolin, it features a spruce top along with maple back and sides, as well as high quality sitar spruce bracing.

It is also important to mention that this particular mandolin features the highest quality strings out of all other products on or list.

The strings that come with this instrument are the D’addario J73 light gauge mandolin strings that provide a stunning sound.

  • Ready to play out of the box
  • Includes all necessary accessories
  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Suitable for serious beginners
  • A-style mandolin
  • Spruce top combined with maple back and sides
  • Sitka spruce bracing
  • D’addario J73 high quality strings
  • None

In Conclusion To

Now that you’ve read our top five choices for best beginner mandolins, it is time for you to let us know what you think! Leave a comment below and tell us whether you’d like to see more reviews such as this one.

Don’t forget to mention if you’re going to get yourself one of these instruments and start playing mandolin! Learning to play an instrument is a very exciting journey, especially if you’re planning to take your skills to the next level and play professionally.

However, your first choice of a mandolin might determine whether or not you will like playing this instrument. After all, a low quality instrument won’t make it any easier for you to learn the first notes.

Therefore, make sure to consider one of the higher quality products on our list in order to truly feel what it’s like to play such a small yet very sophisticated instrument. Choose whether you want to go for an entire beginner starter pack or only the instrument to begin with!

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