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Best Cajon Drums For The Money – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


The Cajon is a South American drum that is completely made out of wood. Playing it involves slapping the front face using the hand and is ideal for unplugged sessions since it can substitute an entire drum set.

If you haven’t heard its sound before, you will fall in love with the snappy snare and deep bass sounds a good box Cajon produces. Traditionally Caribbean and Peruvian, you will find it all over different styles of Latin music.

Best Drum Sets For The Money Comparison Table:

#1Meinl Percussion MYO-CAJ-OV4.1 Check Price
#2Meinl Cajon Box Drum4.3 Check Price
#3Meinl Percussion Cajon4.4 Check Price
#4Meinl Percussion HCAJ1MH-M4.2 Check Price
#5A Tempo Percussion Dos Voces4.9 Check Price

#1 Meinl Percussion MYO-CAJ-OV, Ovangkol Frontplate

This is a kit where you will be able to build your own Cajon drum. It may take a while to build the drum itself, but it is well worth it in the end.

You very much would want the final product to be nice and square. The snare is particularly tricky. But you can adjust the snare by tightening it and moving it closer to the front plate.

There are also YouTube videos available to help you with the assembly. Overall, this is a good starter Cajon drum. It is super easy to build and it does not require a lot of tools to assemble.

If you can do something with the somewhat minimal snare sound, then this is truly a great bargain.

#2 Meinl Percussion HCAJ1NT, Medium Size

If you want a basic and classic Cajon Drum, this will be just perfect for you. Some of the disadvantages of this drum is that it has some issues with the vibration at distinct tone points.

The snare inside are made of stretched guitar strings as well. A remedy for this problem is by loosening two of the strings. After that, the sound will be good. To get rid of the bass and fat sounds, just loosen the strings even more. The classic finish of this drum is one of its advantages.

Simple and elegant are the words to describe this drum. You can’t really go wrong with this considering it’s price. This is a great buy.

#3 Meinl Percussion HCAJ1AWA, Medium Size

This is a good Cajon drum for first time users. This type doesn’t have a lot of tone compared to the Djembe. Depending on where you play it, it can produce different types of sounds.

The down side of this item is that it can have a bad rattling or ringing sound you try to play it. A remedy for this problem is to stuff the drum with any type of cloth to help mute the strings.

To get a more sound for slapping, you can loosen the top screws. The bass sound that this item produce is also great. The snare sound is also good. Over all this is a good basic Cajon drum for beginners.

#4 Meinl Percussion HCAJ1MH-M, Medium Size

You may find some negative feedback regarding this product but don’t be misled by those reviews. The downside for this product is that it has a bad snare sound.

However, you could just tighten the snare wires to fix this problem. This is an inexpensive and mid quality percussion instrument. This is great for beginners.

You will be satisfied with the reasonable price and the sound quality of this instrument. Although the sound could be louder and more refined, overall, the sound is actually good. This is a great bargain for those looking for their first Cajon drum.

#5 A Tempo Percussion Dos Voces (Two Voices)

This instrument has two playing surfaces, that produces distinct sounds. One side can produce a Peruvian type of sound with no snares. The sound can be described as a pure bass tone with a warm and mellow touch.

Best for acoustic gigs. This Cajon drum is very well made. The bass produces a big and full sound. The snares are also great. The instrument has a solid feel to it.

No need to adjust anything, since the sound this instrument produces is of great quality. In general, you can’t go wrong with this Cajon drum. This just might be the best one there is. With the two playing surfaces, this is indeed an awesome instrument.

FAQs about cheap Cajon Drum Kits:

#1 What is a Cajon dru?

– These drums are percussion instruments made from a wooden box.

#2 What instruments can accompany Cajon drums?

-Cajon drums work well with string instruments, or any other acoustic instrument.

#3 What is the best Cajon drum?

– The best Cajon drum depends on your needs, do not be influenced by marketing or brands but use your ears to find the sound that you are looking for.

#4 How do I take care of my Cajon drum?

– Your drum will last much longer if you put it in a case when it is not in use. It doesn’t have to be a hard case. Padded bags would suffice.

#5 What are the things to look for in a Cajon drum?

-The things to look for in a Cajon drum are the quality of the drum, the purpose on which you will use the drum, and sound quality of the drum. For the sound quality, you should check for high tones, bass tones and tone separation.

How To Make A Cajon Drum Kits:

When it comes to choosing a best Cajon for beginners, the decision is not always easy and straightforward but the tips below will help you make your decision.

#1 Quality

Look at the quality of materials, joints, etc. Good quality materials such as higher density hardwoods and thicker base and top usually produce better quality of sound. A higher quality front panel produces much higher quality of sound particularly when playing slap strokes and enhances a controlled bass response.

#2 Purpose

Most Cajon usually have snares to give some buzz or rattle to the high notes. However, some Cajon are specifically made to produce deeper bass tones while other Cuban-style Cajon produce conga or bongo-like tones. Cajon without snares sound different to those with snares. If you plan to use the Cajon as a substitute for a hand-drum or conga snares might be less important.

#3 Sounds

Some of the basic principles to consider when buying a Cajon based on the tone it produces includes:

  • High Tones – They need to sound crisp and sharp with an element of ‘pop’ to the tone
  • Bass Tones – They need to be properly defined and deep.
  • Tone Separation – There needs to be a clear audible distinction between the bass tones and the high tones
  • Tuning/Snares/Tensioning – When choosing a Cajon with snares, they need to produce a controlled buzz with the higher tones. They need to be less evident and dominant while the bass tones are being played.

In Conclusion To

This article is just a guide. This is to help you find the perfect Cajon drum for you. This article lists the best cajon review available for each individual. In the end, it is up to you on which Cajon drum will best suit your needs. Buy one now and enjoy playing your new Cajon drum!

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