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Best Guitar Pots – Potentiometer Reviews

Best Guitar Pots

Most beginner players and even some of the more advanced guitar players often neglect the importance of pots or potentiometers on electric guitars. Pots are a very important part of any guitar setup because their purpose extends beyond simple volume control.

In fact, the quality of the potentiometers on your guitar will largely influence the overall quality of tones and sound in general. That is why professionals often change pots on their guitar in order to achieve different tones and find the most suitable components for live performances.

There are many reasons why you should replace the pots on your guitar. While some players replace them to explore different sounds, others install them as replacement for the cheap pots that come with affordable guitars. Either way, changing the pots on your guitar will make a great difference in sound.

If you want to improve the sound quality, you should consider getting a set of high quality potentiometers for best frequency and response. Here is a list of our top choices when it comes to best guitar pots, as well as a brief review about their pros and cons.

Best Guitar Pots – Potentiometer Comparison Table:

#1Fender 500K4.4 Check Price
#2Seymour Duncan 500K4.3 Check Price
#3CTS 500K Short Split Shaft Audio Taper3.9 Check Price
#4Bourns 500K SHORT4.7 Check Price
#5CTS TAOT CUSTOM 525K4.1 Check Price

#1 Fender 500K Split Shaft Potentiometer for Volume or Tone Control

The first set of guitar pots on our list are Fender 500K split shaft pots. As you probably already know, Fender is one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of guitars and music equipment, which means you can only expect high quality from them. These specific guitar pots can be used as genuine Fender replacement parts or as an upgrade for guitars that came with a different kind of pots.

It is important to mention that these split shaft pots are extremely durable and built to last. If you are looking for the highest quality you can get at a low price, this is definitely the best set of guitar pots on the market. This versatile piece of equipment can also be used to replace tone control on your bass.

It produces a clean and powerful sound thanks to the durable structure. Speaking of the structure, these pots measure 3/8 inch in diameter and a ½ inch in shaft length.

  • Genuine Fender replacement parts
  • Built to last
  • High quality
  • Clean and powerful sound
  • Long shaft
  • Can be used as an upgrade for better quality sound
  • The lock washer is not the highest quality – might result in challenging installation

#2 Seymour Duncan 500K Potentiometer

Next up is the set of Seymour Duncan 500K pots that were custom-crafted to meet the highest quality standards. These smooth turning pots are very easy to install and offer even controls. Thanks to these pots, your guitar will sound more professional with no additional noise whatsoever.

The Seymour Duncan 500K guitar pots can be used for both volume and tone control. The split shaft of these pots is made so it fits almost all kinds of knobs. However, keep in mind that volume and tone control knobs are not included in the package. Overall, this set of potentiometers is going to improve your performance and take your setup to the next level at a very affordable price.

  • Smooth turning pots
  • Custom-crafted and high quality
  • Split shaft made to fit different kinds of knobs
  • Suitable for volume and tone controls
  • Improves overall performance
  • None

#3 CTS 500K Short Split Shaft Audio Taper Potentiometers

The third set of potentiometers on our list of best guitar pots is a set of four CTS 500K short split pots that feature a bushing height of 3/8 inches. Thanks to these high quality bushings and short split shaft, both of which are made of Aluminum, this set of pots can truly transform the quality of sound on your guitar. With tolerance of 15%, the simple shaft can be set up with push on knobs, which are not included in the package.

It is important to mention that this set of pots is entirely made in the United States, which means its quality is guaranteed. The pots feature modern wiring configuration for better quality and durability. They can also be sued for volume or tone controls and, most importantly, they are very easy to install onto your guitar.

  • Short Split shaft
  • Aluminum bushing and components
  • Can be used for volume and tone controls
  • Entirely made in the United States
  • Features modern wiring configuration
  • Durable and high quality
  • Does not make a difference in sound on some guitars

#4 Bourns Set of Four 500K Short Split Shaft Audio Taper Low Friction Potentiometers

The Bourns set of four 500K short split shaft low friction potentiometers features pots with 18 tooth coarse spline shafts. Each pot comes with the necessary hardware for installation, including one hex nut and two washers per a pot. These potentiometers feature a tolerance of 20% and they are suitable for light duty use.

Before you opt for this set of potentiometers, keep in mind that they are not suitable for import guitars. These pots will only fit US made guitar models. With 3/8 inch high bushings and other high quality components, the Bourns pots allow for low friction rotation and easy installation. If you haven’t changed pots on your guitar before, this would be a good set to start out with.

  • High quality bushings
  • Low friction rotation
  • 18 tooth coarse spline shaft
  • Necessary hardware included
  • 20% tolerance
  • Not suitable for imported guitars
  • Makes a slight noise when twisting

#5 CTS TAOT CUSTOM 525K Long Shaft Potentiometers

Last but not least, the final set of pots on our list is the CTS TAOT 525K set of long shaft potentiometers. The set includes four pots with 5% tolerance and high quality bass bushings of ¾ inches height. These pots fir most USA made guitars and they are highly adjustable, allowing you to further customize the tone of your guitar. Besides, the CTS pots are very sturdy, which means they will last for a long period of time. That can only mean that this set is a valuable investment for any guitar player.

However, it is important to mention that the long shaft is not going to fit in simply by dropping it into position. The high quality brass C-clip reinforced shaft needs to be installed using the second hex nut. Without this nut you wouldn’t be able to properly install the pots.

Luckily, the second hex nut, as well as all other necessary equipment, is included in the package. If you need help setting up these pots on your guitar, you can always visit a professional to seek assistance or even look at some online tutorials about CTS TAOT potentiometers. Either way, using these pots will certainly improve the quality of your guitar sound.

  • Durable and built to last
  • 5% tolerance
  • high quality bass bushing
  • Brass C-clip reinforced shaft
  • Fits most US made models
  • Sturdy and high quality
  • Not suitable for import guitars
  • Complex installation process


If you stuck around this long you probably went through all five reviews on our list. We hope that this list will help you get a better idea of what you should be looking for when it comes to guitar pots. After all, you will find hundreds of different sets of pots both online and in stores but you might still be unsure which choice to go for.

That is why we created this list of best guitar pots to help you get your options down to only five products. It is now up to you to choose one of these potentiometer sets. If you are looking for a slight upgrade for your guitar and you simply want to replace some of the old components, we suggest you to choose the Fender split shaft pots or the Seymour Duncan set.

However, if you are a more of an advanced or aspiring player and you want to gain the best quality for your money, definitely go for one of the more expensive options to get the best out of your guitar setup. Keep in mind that you might need long or short shaft pots depending on the guitar model you own.

Once you’re done choosing and you make your final decision, let us know in the comments below which set of guitar pots you liked best and why. We love hearing back from you, especially if you want to leave a short comment or opinion regarding any of the products mentioned on the list.

Don’t forget that upgrading your guitar pots or replacing the traditional ones will do wonders for the overall quality of sound, no matter which guitar you are playing on. There is no doubt that investing in this piece of equipment is well worth it!

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