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Best Headset Microphones For Singing – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


Whether you’re a professional performer or you just love singing along to your favorite songs, a good headset microphone will take your singing experience to the next level. People often think that you need a whole lot of equipment and different sound systems to make your performance look and sound more powerful.

However, that’s not the case because you can easily achieve great results in large and crowded spaces using high quality headset microphones for singing. On the other hand, the quality of your performance highly depends on the quality of the microphone you’re using. After all, you don’t want any static noise or interruptions during your performance.

If you’re looking for a new microphone headset, take a look at the five best headset microphones for singing that we’ve reviewed below. Our list includes a variety of options, including different price ranges, features, and quality in general.

When choosing your new microphone headset, make sure to consider the main features such as compatibility, battery life, and connectivity. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best ranked headphones for singing on the market!

Best Headset Microphones For Singing Comparison Table:

#12.4G Wireless Microphone Headset Mic3.1 Check Price
#2Zoweetek Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier4.3 Check Price
#3Wireless Microphone System3.8 Check Price
#4SHIDU Bluetooth Voice Amplifier4.5 Check Price
#5Shure SM35-XLR3.9 Check Price

#1 Easjoy 2.4G Wireless Microphone Headset

We are going to start off with the most affordable option, the Easjoy 2.4G Wireless Microphone headset. This headset features a convenient voice amplifier suitable for numerous activities, including singing performances, karaoke, teaching, and more.

Thanks to the Plug&Play technology, the headset is very easy to set up and pair with other devices. It connects automatically as soon as you plug it into another device, which means there are no additional installation processes to be bothered with.

Keep in mind that the amplification equipment you connect this headset to must be above 100W for high quality results, in case you need to achieve an even more powerful effect.

It is important to mention that this microphone can serve as a two in one solution, since it can be both a headset microphone and a handheld one. It comes with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that can work up to eight hours after one charge.

  • Suitable for different uses
  • Both headset and handheld microphone
  • Plug&Play technology
  • Simple and affordable
  • Powerful Li-ion battery – lasts 8 hours
  • Device is not compatible with smartphones
  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity

#2 Zoweetek Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier with Wired Microphone

Next up is the Zoweetek mini voice amplifier with a wired microphone. This highly portable solution is loud enough to cover larger and more crowded rooms. Zoweetek is one of the most reliable manufacturers in this industry and they provide a stunning after-sales service. Their professional technicians are ready to assist you at any time in case you have any problems with the device.

Speaking of the device, this headset microphone features a clear and powerful sound at medium volume, but it can also be turned to max to make your singing heard. This acoustic microphone provides a powerful HiFi original sound and it can last up to ten after a single charge that lasts between three to five hours.

What’s great about this headset is that it is very versatile and works with all kinds of speakers and smartphone devices, as well as supports USB flash drive playing. Overall, the device is lightweight and features a comfortable ergonomic design.

  • Loud and powerful
  • HiFi sound
  • Great after-sales service
  • Nd-fe-b magnet horn for a strong sound
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Works with any speaker or smartphone
  • Takes up to five hours to charge
  • Common static noise if you turn the volume all the way up

#3 FIFINE Wireless Microphone System

The third item on our list is the FIFINE wireless microphone system. This versatile headset works with a variety of systems and also supports multiple wireless microphones at the same time. Thus, it can be connected to additional amplifiers, PA systems, as well as audio receivers.

The headset in general is very lightweight yet highly durable. It provides ideal sound and mobility for public performances, whether you are singing, teaching, or giving a speech.

The FIFINE wireless microphone provides a clear sound with no static at the distance of 40 to 60 feet. The transparent audio can be further enhanced with the use of additional amplifiers, even though this is not necessary if you are holding your speech or having a performance indoors.

The device also features LCD components that warn you in case the battery is low so you know you need to switch the headset before the audio goes off. Overall, the headset is easy to use and very convenient for public speakers and singers.

  • Versatile
  • Supports multiple microphones at the same time
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • LCD battery warnings
  • Mobility and great sound
  • No static
  • Requires two kinds of different batteries for the transmitter and the receiver
  • Occasional humming sound when the volume is turned all the way up

#4 Sh3DU Bluetooth Voice Amplifier

The fourth item on our list is a Bluetooth voice amplifier with a wired microphone headset that can powerfully project your voice in a room of any size. Unlike the products we previously reviewed, this headset is fully waterproof, which means that you can even use it in the shower. It features a comfortable and fully adjustable microphone that is very lightweight and won’t hurt your head even after hours of wearing it.

The device can easily be paired with other systems using Bluetooth connectivity. It is versatile and features a rich sound. However, its battery life depends on the volume it is most often working at. The average battery life after a single charge is around ten hours. However, keep in mind that this headset needs to be charged before the first use. Conveniently, thanks to a powerful battery, you can use this headset as a powerbank in emergency situations to give your phone an extra charge.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Powerful sound projection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very lightweight and mobile
  • Battery lasts 10 hours on average
  • Can serve as an emergency powerbank
  • Waterproof
  • None

#5 Shure SM35-XLP Performance Headset

The last portable microphone headset on our list is a Shure performance model that features a Snap-fit Windscreen and inline XLP Pre-amp. These advanced components allow for a powerful and high quality audio suitable for singing, as well as teaching, performing, etc. The headset is low-profile and lightweight so it can comfortably stay on your head for hours. It features a long-lasting battery that won’t let you down during your performance.

The reason why this Shure performance headset is the most expensive item on our list is because it possesses very advanced components. Its unidirectional polar pattern rejects signal bleed and thus provides a clear and transparent sound with no humming or static in the background, even when you turn it to the highest volume.

Furthermore, the headset allows for frequency adjustments for the best vocal performance, which makes it the best choice for singers. However, teachers, public speakers, yoga instructors, or just about anyone who needs a headset will find this Shure performance model to be the best and the highest quality fit for their money.

  • Advanced components
  • Snap-fit Windscreen and an inline pre-amp
  • Great sound quality
  • Most suitable for singing
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Lightweight and low-profile design
  • Professional-looking headset
  • Allows frequency adjustment
  • No humming or static noise in the background
  • Might not sit firmly on your head and stay in place throughout the entire performance

In Conclusion To

These were our five choices for portable headset microphones for singing. Whether you are a singer, preacher, politician, teacher, or a fitness instructor, you will need a high quality microphone with a long battery life.

A headset microphone will allow you to move freely while speaking, without having to use your hands, which makes it ideal for performers and instructors. However, choosing the right microphone might be a bit of a challenge, especially since there are so many options available on the market.

We have narrowed down your choices to the five best products and it is up to you to choose the one that suits your budget and requirements the best. Keep in mind that the things you should be looking for include a long-lasting battery life, high quality sound with powerful volume, as well as a comfortable and portable design.

Once you go through all five reviews, don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know your opinion regarding these headsets. We would love to know if there are any past experiences where you have used one of these headsets. If so, let us know more details about the products and help other buyers make their decision more easily!

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