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Best Powered Speakers For DJ – Buyer’s Reviews


In our current century where great music hypes up everybody, a skillful DJ is really important. They are the ones who can give the best and updated vibe of the entertainment world. Mashing up and enhancing the music will really show the artistry and skill of a DJ to the crowd.

Thus, it’s necessary for the music to be shared to everybody in the best way possible. Quality speakers can boost the music’s exquisiteness and can even engage more people to appreciate such entertainment. With this, it is a big advantage to know the latest and reliable speakers that are available in the market. They come in various features with positive and negative remarks that will help a person choose.

Best Powered Speakers For DJ Comparison Table:

#1American DJ Supply ELS15A3.6 Check Price
#2Pair Rockville RPG154.4 Check Price
#3Pair Rockville RPG103.6 Check Price
#4Adkins Pro Audio - TA15P3.2 Check Price
#5Adkins Professional Audio, ELA215P-LED-24.0 Check Price

#1 American DJ Supply ELS15A Powered 15-Inch 2 Way Speakers

The features of these speakers include 2-way active bi-amplified lightweight system, microphone and line level controls with master volume, 4-Way Protection System, 9 Fly Points (M8 with a 1.25″ thread), active signal limiting system with Clip LED indicator on rear panel and Time Aligned Electronic Crossover. These speakers offer a good size in a cheap prize. Since it isn’t that expensive, it is not loaded with features.

For its prize, it looks very sleek and specialized. It sounds powerful with the big volume that suits discos and parties only. It’s not advisable for conferences since it doesn’t have the greatest high volume dynamics. It’s not suitable for a professional use.

#2 Rockville RPG15 2,000 Watt 2-Way DJ/PA Powered Speakers

The features involve Compact and light weight system, Linear Class AB amplifier technology, Internal switch-mode power supply, Built-in bass and State-of-the-art 1.35” Japanese pure titanium-diaphragm compression driver. It costs very cheap for its performance and features.

It also has a high quality stands. The sound that it produces is clear and tight. The highs are extremely loud so it still needs to have a bass bin. Though it looks strong, it is made of plastic so it’s vulnerable to damages.

#3 Rockville RPG10 1200 Watt 2-Way DJ/PA Powered Speakers

Features involve Built-in bass and treble equalization processor, ultra-wide dispersion, 40° large-format horizontal wave guide horn, ultra-low noise mic / line input via XLR & 1/4-inch stereo jacks with volume control and versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning.

It has an impressive cost for its volume. This is suitable for small parties for it is loud enough to produce sounds. The mids and highs are incredibly produced by this. If not properly set-up, loud and annoying hums and buzzes might occur.

#4 1200 Watt Powered DJ Speaker – 15-inch

These speakers have wide dispersion horn with forward firing bass reflex ports, ABS impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet w/Recessed smooth molded handle and 3 Input channels with separate gain controls, Master Volume, Bass Treble Controls.

This is pleasing for a good price in relation to its inputs and sounds. It is also loud enough for the midlevel of instruments. It can produce clear highs. These speakers cannot maintain the intensity of a performance. It tends to have a weak and distorted sound for the low midrange and the bass sounds.

#5 Pair of Lighted Powered Dual 15″ 3000 Watt DJ Speakers

These modern speakers have many features including two LED arrays in each speaker that beat and pulse to your music and ready-to-go “plug-n-play” procedure which is very simple to use. This model is very modern since it offers the engaging LED lights together with the USB slot.

Its weight is also lighter than what is expected. It produces crisp and clear sounds. It produces a low sound when the volume knob is at its 80 percent. This one is definitely worth the money.

In using these speakers, it is very important to know how to set it up properly. Before any event, it is necessary for the DJ to know his speakers fully to avoid negative experiences of the crowd. Taylor Barnes from the DJ Master Course shared some useful tips. First of all, identify your speakers as active or passive. An active speaker doesn’t need an amplifier while a passive one does.

If your speaker is passive, the amplifier that you’ll use should have sufficient wattage. Another important aspect to consider is the speaker placement. It is significant to set up the speakers at least 6 feet in the air using the speaker stands. This is to avoid deafening the people who are staying near the speakers or exclude the people who are far from it.

Through this, the music will reach everyone in the venue. Lastly, the subwoofer placement must be placed under the DJ table or between the two cabs to deliver the bass to the audience.

Whether you are a professional DJ or not, using quality speakers will surely make your music more exciting. This is one of the basic components that a DJ should have. These are just five of the best DJ speakers from the wide array of available speakers in the market that you can choose from.

It is important to know the kind of effects that your favourite professional DJ uses. You can do your research from other disc jockeys and from this you’ll know what to choose. In choosing your speakers, consider three things: budget, features and quality.

Do not be afraid to experiment with all the available effects that you can enhance and incorporate in your music. After all, music equates to quality.

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