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Best Record Player Under 100 – Buyer’s Guide


If you are looking to pick the best record player out there, you may want to understand the factors involved in the decision-making process. More importantly, however, you may also want to analyze your personal preferences. After all, choosing a record player tends to depend on quite a few factors, some of which may come down to what you exactly need.

The below given are some of the important features for choosing a record player based on your preferences.

Best Record Player Under 100 Comparison Table:

#1Audio-Technica AT-LP1204.4 Check Price
#2Ion Audio iPTUSB3.5 Check Price
#3Ion TTUSB Turntable3.5 Check Price
#4Numark TTUSB | 33 1/3 & 45 RPM Turntable3.7 Check Price
#5Sony PS-LX250H3.9 Check Price
#6Sony PSLX300USB4.2 Check Price
#7Audio-Technica AT-LP604.1 Check Price
#8Audio Technica AT-LP60WH-BT4.1 Check Price

#1 Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable:

Record players are meant as a recording device and also an electronic device too. These players are growing more in the recent days and becoming familiar in the future. There are an ample variety of record players available in the market with a wide choices of attractive colors and diverse amount of models and designs. Audio Technica is the leading provider of record players with a plenty of wonderful attractive and astonishing features. If you are an audiophile or a DJ and are in desired with a best turntable record player for the purpose of recording your son/daughter childhood records or any other wonderful music’s, Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable in Silver is the superior choice.

Top Features:

There are a number of fascinating features that the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable in Silver has. Some of them are listed below for your consideration.

  • Audio-Technica includes a selectable internal stereo Phono Preamplifier and also provides a USB connection to connect to your personal computer or Mac.
  • A DC servo motor is used by turntable to maintain a precise rotational speed at either 33-1/3, 45 or 78 RPM speeds.
  • Audio Technica features with a grand USB direct drive and a high torque professional turntable, which is perfect for DJs and other music enthusiasts.
  • To plug directly into the tone arm, the astonishing turntable comes with a cast aluminum record platter, a slip mat, a professional cartridge and head shell.
  • Audio Technica At-LP120 also offers the pitch control, volume and tone control for changing the playback speed or adjusting the pitch.
  • The most competent Audio-Technica AT-LP120 have some accessories that include a wonderful turntable, removable hinged dust cover, slip mat, head shell/cartridge (AT95E), AC power cord, 45 RPM adapter, USB cable; adapter cables, Audacity software (compatible with Mac and Windows), and operating instructions.

Although there is a several amount of positive features found in this Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable in Silver and on the other hand, Audio-Technica AT-LP120 is also associated with some
negatives. Here we have presented some affirmative and adverse features for your consideration.

  • Very excellent record player for a great quality and it is less expensive.
  • Trouble free to handle, sets up the turntable very easy and has a wonderful silver colored record player.
  • It sounds loud enough and the power supply requirements of this record player are very low.
  • The audio cables are too short with this grand record player.


From the above discussion, we gain more information about Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable in Silver as it is an excellent choice for personal listening and also for DJs, audiophile. It is one of the most popular record players today and a lot of men and women are falling in love with this Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable in Silver for its clear and loud sound.

#2 Ion Audio iPTUSB USB Turntable

The Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable USB Turntable with Software and Built-in Speaker revolutionized the turntable industry by being able to run on either AC adapter or 6 D-sized batteries. It is a portable turntable that can convert your vinyl to MP3 and thus give them a new digital life.

The owner of Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable USB Turntable has complete control over the pitch, tone and audio level adjustment that it offers. This portable USB turntable is packaged with software that is not only MAC and Windows OS compatible but also provides easy way to edit your vinyl and work on its audio processing. Your records can now be easily transferred to iTunes. Isn’t the deal too good to resist considering the features offered?

The Ion Audio iPTUSB best USB Turntable price will give you that nostalgic feeling whenever you will play your vinyl. This portable USB turntable is small and light weight and provides amazing sound quality. The battery life of Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable USB Turntable is another plus when you consider that it runs for 16 hours. This kind of performance can even beat some of the popular MP3 players currently in the market.

Features of the Ion Audio iPTUSB USB Turntable:

  • A number of controls to adjust the pitch, audio level and tone.
  • 1/8-inch-stereo line input, headphone output and USB output.
  • Packaged with Audacity and EZ vinyl converter software
  • Runs in two speeds – 33 and 45 RPM and supports all records up to 12 inches size.
  • Runs on MAC OS X 10.4 or later and Windows XP and Vista

Benefits Of Ion Audio iPTUSB USB Turntable:

  • Design that sets it apart – The Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable USB Turntable is one of lightest and coolest portable USB turntable in the market today. Its entire body is made of plastic other than the metal handle. The ability of Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable USB Turntable to run via both AC adapter and batteries is one of its exciting features that attract customers.
  • Windows and MAC compatibility – The Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable USB Turntable audacity software lets you transfer your vinyl to both Windows and MAC OS with equal ease. There is no need for any drivers to convert your records to MP3s. The EZ Vinyl Converter helps you accomplish the task of transferring your vinyl to iTunes. We couldn’t have asked for more!
  • Amazing performance at a great price – There is no doubt that the discounted price on Amazon cannot miss the eye of a customer looking for a portable USB turntable. Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable USB Turntable price combined with its amazing performance is hard to be skipped. Be it the sound quality or the recording quality, Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable USB Turntable with Software and Built-in Speaker is loved by all the existing.
  • Reliable, affordable and yet so powerful.
  • Runs via both AC adapters and 6 D batteries
  • Has built-in speakers and is portable.
  • Comes with a dust cover and carrying handle
  • Both Windows and MAC OS compatibility
  • No drivers required. Just simple plug and play via USB.
  • Sound and recording quality is commendable for the price at which it is offered.
  • Its fragile body is made of plastic and carries just a metal handle.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a portable USB turntable that is affordable, packed with many amazing features, light weight and offers great sound quality and livens up your dream of hearing your vinyl then Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable USB Turntable with Software and Built-in Speaker is meant for you.

#3 Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record

Do you have a stereo system that has a phono line or a computer that has at least a USB 1.1 port? If you have, then you can easily use this deck transfer your vinyl to your stereo playback system and computers. A line level input or Auxiliary input is fine when it comes to connecting and playing your records on Ion TTUSB Turntable. At a weight of 7.7 pounds, the USB turntable is compatible with PCs running Windows 98, 2000, or XP and MAC OS X version 9 or greater.

The Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record comes with additional software like anti-skating control that provides increased stereo balancing; +/- 8% adjustable pitch control and high-speed vinyl recording. It supports two recording speeds of 33-1/3 and 45 rpm. These singles are converted into digital formats in minutes using TTUSB Turntable.

Features of the Ion TTUSB Turntable:

  • Increased stereo balancing with anti-skating control.
  • Line level output for stereo connection. It is packaged with 1/8-inch line-level input.
  • Weighs 7.7 pounds.
  • Two playback speed supported – 33-1/3 and 45 RPM
  • RCA output that is even switchable
  • USB 1.1 turntable packaged with Audacity, EZ Vinyl Converter and Bias Soundsoap 2.

Benefits Of The Ion TTUSB Turntable:

  • Easy to setup – It will take all of 15 minutes of your time to setup this Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record. Just follow the instructions and plug in the USB cable to your computer. Voila! The setup wizard makes sure that all drivers are installed – USB Compliant Device, USB Audio Device, USB Human Interface Device, and HID Compliant Device. You can add 5 minutes for this task. That’s it! Your Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record is up and running.
  • Connects to your home stereo and computer – You can connect the Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record to your home stereo even if it does not come with a phono input. Even a preamp is not required. The USB turntable comes up EZ Vinyl Converter that lets you rip your vinyl to your iTunes music library. The line-input jack lets you connect your cassette disks and convert them to digital formats of MP3s.
  • Audacity and Bias Soundsoap 2 – There is no need of any special drivers when using Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record. It comes packaged with Audacity that lets you play and transfer your vinyl to both PC and MAC. A trial version of Bias Soundsoap 2 is also provided to clean and store the vinyl records. If any other software is also available that supports USB audio input sound cards the Ion TTUSB Turntable works with it as well. Customers are spoiled with options!
  • Easy to install. It takes a total of 20 minutes to install Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record and setup its USB as well.
  • Comes with EZ Vinyl Converter that transfers your vinyl to iTunes.
  • Play records on stereo and also compatible with MAC and Windows OS.
  • Comes with Audacity and trial version of Bias Soundsoap 2
  • Plug and play – No drivers required.
  • Converts your records to MP3s
  • Compatible with any software that supports USB audio input sound cards.
  • Dust cover is missing.

Final Verdict

It is difficult to overlook this innovative USB turntable. The Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record will let you connect and play your records on computer and stereo. You can now listen to your old forgotten yet wonderful vinyl on your iPod or other portable media player in MP3 format. Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record has made all this possible.

#4 Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB

A plug and play USB feature with Windows and MAC compatibility combined make Numark TTUSB Turntable a perfect recipe for a successful turntable devised by Numark.

A plug and play USB feature with Windows and MAC compatibility combined is the perfect recipe for a successful turntable devised by Numark. The Numark TT USB Turntable with USB will convert your vinyl collection into high quality digital files. The Numark TT USB record player price makes it all the more enticing especially with the 71% savings on the discounted price.

If you ever wondered how to get rid of all the clicks and pops that characterizes your vinyl then look no further. Numark TT USB Turntable with USB is a comprehensive package that is bound to give a new leash of life to your old vinyl. The packaged software and the additional cables let you connect and play your records on your stereo playback system as well as computer. You cannot find any easier way to digitize your records.

Have you ever thought about your cassette tapes, the old archived recordings? Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB has a solution to transfer them to your computer as well. You can now play your 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records and even 78 RPMs with some support through software. There is an adjustable pitch control and RCA outputs with built-in preamp for the benefit of the customers. Read more to know about its benefits.

Features of the Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB:

  • Increased stereo balance with anti-skating control.
  • Supports two-playback speed of 33.33 and 45 RPM. There is a provision to run playback at 78 rpm with the help of software.USB connectivity to MAC and PC.
  • 1/8″ stereo line input and RCA line outputs are also present.
  • Pitch can be adjusted to +/- 10%
  • Can be connected to computer as well as stereo system. All necessary cables are included.

Benefits Of Numark TT USB Turntable with USB:

  • Audacity – The Audacity software that comes with Numark TT USB Turntable with USB and is compatible with both Windows and MAC OS is the top of the range in music editing software. You can use it to edit out the he clicks and pops of your vinyl or leave it to its pure original sound. It is easy to use this software to turn the music to the new digital formats of WAV or MP3.
  • EZ Vinyl Converter 2 – Numark TT USB Turntable with USB is one of the few turntables in the market that is
    able to rip your records to iTunes directly. This a mazing feature makes it hard to ignore this USB turntable ease of use and easy set up. MixMeister’s software and Gracenote technology helps you gather information about each track by a simple click of a mouse. Once in your iTunes, your records can be burned into CDs or move to iPod or any
    other portable media player.
  • Cassette Tapes get new life – Numark TT USB Turntable with USB comes with a 1/8-inch stereo mini jack input connector. This facilitates the transfer of all line level sources like cassette tapes to move to your computer. This tool is perfect to digitize your archived records regardless of the original file format.
  • Easy to install. In fact requires less than 30 minutes for the entire setup if you follow the manual.
  • Comes packaged with Audacity software that includes ability to export the records to WAV and MP3. The software removes the clicks and pops of the vinyl.
  • Compatible with both Windows and MAC OS.
  • RCA output lines and USB output cables are a plus.
  • 71% savings with the discounted price makes Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB hard to ignore.
  • Dust cover is missing.
  • Keep your Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB in a safe area to avoid minor scratches.

Final Verdict:

This commendable USB turntable is perfect for personal use. The product’s performance and features have been appreciated by one and all. If you want to bring back your old forgotten vinyl back to life then Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB is the best turntable for you.

#5 Sony PSLX250H Turntable

The built-in phone preamp of the PSLX250H turntable gives you the independence of attaching it to your HTIB (home theatre in a box) or computer card. The cartridge’s needle is replaceable in case of a breakage or wear-out. It has a small size with a measurement of 16.5 inches wide, 13.25 inches deep, and 3.6 inches high and weighs around 6 pounds.

The Sony PSLX250H turntable comes with a hinged dust cover that only protects your playing records but also protects the turntable itself when lying idle from dust and accidental spills. The transparent cover gives you and your guests a chance to see the current playing record while you immerse yourself in the music.

Features of the NuSony PSLX250H Turntable:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • 2-speed turntable that plays 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records and LPs.
  • Built-in phono preamp
  • The Sony PS-LX250H turntable comes with a phono cartridge and bonded diamond stylus.
  • Signal to noise ratio is greater than 50dB
  • Can be connected to PCs and HTIBs.

Benefits Of The Sony PSLX250H Turntable:

  • Ease of use – Place your 45s or 33-1/3 rpm LPs on the platter, put down the plastic hinged dust cover and press ‘start’. Voila! The old records that were once in attic are now playing. You have the option of interrupting the play with a ‘stop’ and the ‘up/down’ button helps you skip ahead or back by raising and lowering the tone arm. It’s super simple.
  • Ease of assembly and adjustment – This turntable is pretty undemanding when it comes to its setup. Place the metal platter on the spindle (a pin that goes through the record’s hole). Then slip the belt into the turntable’s pulley. Place the rubber mat on the platter and plug in the red and white cable to your input device. Easy – right?
  • Connects to your computer – You might ask – why do I need that? Well for starters, you want to utilize those amazing audio capabilities of your computer to play your favorite records. But the most popular reason is being able to burn your records to a CD. The Sony PSLX250H Turntable is one of the best bargain turntables that perform this function flawlessly.
  • Accessories – It comes supplied built-in phono preamp and a SNR (signal to noise ratio) of more than 50db created by the the bonded diamond stylus and phono cartridge that ships as standard.
  • An incredible bargain for a two-speed automatic turntable.
  • PSLX250H Turntable gives its customer the value for their money by scoring on convenience and giving out solid performance.
  • The built-in preamp gives a chance of converting the vintage records into CDs by connecting the turntable to the computer.
  • It’s a great bargain for people who want to play their vinyl.
  • The turntable is right for people who do not want to indulge into cheap USB turntables or very expensive one’s and still maintaining quality, operation and sound.
  • Less professional sound quality. You won’t get Dj quality sound.

Final Verdict:

People who want to take out their vintage records can depend on Sony PSLX250H Turntable for starters. It would unfair on our part to compare this turntable with other expensive and powerful turntables in the market. We should appreciate the fact that Sony introduced the PSLX250H Turntable as the most affordable turntable that kept its promise in terms of features offered.

#6 Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable

Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable is your perfect companion if you wish to play your classic vinyl on your desktop, iPod or Walkman. That old school vinyl that was long forgotten can make a comeback to a new school, a new digital world of MP3s with the PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable from Sony.

Music lovers who want to give a new lease of life to their Vinyl can make use of the built-in phono preamp of the black Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable. The USB turntable gives a signal to noise ratio of 50dB and can play your 33-1/3 and 45 records and LPs. It is equipped with a plastic hinged dust cover that protects the playing record and turntable itself when it is not being used.

The damaging dusts or those occasional accidental spills won’t bother you now due to the dust cover. This USB stereo turntable is best for people who collect vinyl as a hobby and do not want to spend a bomb on the player

Features of the Ion Audio iPTUSB USB Turntable:

  • Automatic belt drive system with static balance tone arm
  • Built in phono preamp
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • USB and RCA outputs
  • Portable
  • Converts vinyl to digital formats

Benefits Of The Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable:

  • USB output – The Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable (black) helps you connect your vinyl to your favorite system and enjoy the music that was getting covered with dust till now. You can transfer the tracks to your PC and create the digital MP3s. The USB stereo turntable will let you store your favorite track on your portable music devices. The Audio Studio software that comes with the PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable lets you archive, store and optimize your music. Quite a deal!
  • Fully Automatic – The automatic belt drive of the Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable plays your 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records and LPs. The additional features of a built-in phono preamp and a SNR (signal to noise ratio) of around 50dB bring back your old vinyl to life with amazing sound clarity. It’s time for you to clean those LPs of the dust and play it to your heart’s contention.
  • Hinged Dust Cover – Are you afraid of the dust getting accumulated on your Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable or the playing record? Do those occasional spills and dust particles give you headache? If you belong to either of these categories then you can be assured that your USB stereo turntable is safe from all of these. The hinged dust cover protects your records and PS-LX300USB USB turntable and let’s you and your guest see what is current record that is playing. Transparent cover has its own benefits, I guess.
  • USB connection and internal stereo phono preamplifier
  • An amazing playback system that comes with a RCA output.
  • Helps to convert your vinyl to the digital MP3 and other modern format.
  • Automatic operation and portable.
  • Will play your 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records and LPs.
  • A good 50dB signal to noise ratio.
  • Simultaneously listening to and uploading the records to the computer creates problem.

Final Verdict:

Sony PS-LX300USB is the prefect USB stereo turntable that brings your vinyl back to life. Be it converting your vinyl to MP3 or other digital format or playing it on your iPod or Walkman, the Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable (black) rules the roost.

#7 Audio Technica AT-PL60USB USB

Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Turntable lets you play your vinyl on stereo systems with phono or line-level input through its built-in switchable phono or line preamp. As if this way not enough! You also get USB output to play your records on your computer and digitalize it too. This leads to another round of portability. The converted files are there on your iPods and Walkman. Too good to be ignored!

If you have been looking for a companion to your home theatre system then you can end your search with the Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable with USB Port. It not only lets you play your favorite 33-1/3 and 45 records but also let you convert them and store them on CDs with additional features to change the pitch and recording too – generally a great all rounder.

Features of the Audio Technica AT-PL60USB USB Turntable:

  • Professional aluminum platter
  • Built-in switchable pre-amp
  • Fully automatic operation that keeps your LPs scratch free
  • USB output for connection to your machine. Your machine can have either Windows or MAC OS installed.
    2 speed turntable – 33-1/3 and 45 RPM
  • Runs on MAC OS X 10.1 or later and Windows 98 and above. This almost covers all the systems that people have these days.
  • Integral Dual Magnet stereo cartridge that comes with a replacement stylus

Benefits Of Audio Technica AT-PL60USB USB Turntable:

  • Affordable – Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable with USB Port is one of the most affordable USB turntables in the market today. The discounted price is eye-catching and not to be ignored. A USB turntable with USB cable, adapter cables, integral dual-magnet Audio-Technica Dual Magnet phono cartridge and replaceable Audio Technica AT-PL60USB stylus is definitely a recommendation.
  • Windows and MAC compatible – So you are a MAC user and have wondered when will you get a chance to play your vinyl on your computer? Looks like Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Turntable were made just for you. The USB turntable comes equipped with Audacity software that is both windows and MAC compatible. This software lets you change the pitch and speed of the recording plus helps you in digitalizing the records into CDs. Now you can enjoy your classics on your iPod and Walkman as well.
  • Connects to your Stereo – Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Turntable with USB Port has a special built-in switchable stereo phono or line level pre-amplifier. This gives the customer the chance of attaching this USB turntable to their stereo system if it has either magnetic or phono inputs.
  • Ease of assembly with a concise and step-by-step guide for setup
  • Permits connection to stereo system with either magnetic or phono inputs because of the built-in switchable stereo phono/line level pre-amplifier
  • USB output that helps you connect the turntable to your computer
  • Compatible with both Windows and MAC
  • Fully automatic operation with two turntable speeds of 33-1/3 and 45 RPM
  • It is a bit lacking as a far as its features are concerned.

Final Verdict:

The amazing features like fully automatic operation, USB output, Windows and MAC compatibility and switchable pre-amp makes Audio Technica AT-PL60USB turntable enticing. If you wish to move your vinyl into the digital world then you have a winner in Audio Technica AT-PL60USB Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable with USB Port.

#8 Audio Technica AT-LP60

The Sony PSLX250H turntable is an easy to set up turntable that comes with MAC and Windows compatibility out of the box and is powered by a fully automatic belt drive.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntable comes with an integral dual magnet stereo cartridge and a replacement stylus. Additional features that appeals to a lot of customers is the built-in switchable stereo phono or line level pre-amplifier. This makes the turntable compatible with stereo systems.

Most turntables in the market are not compatible with Mac OS. But the AT-LP60 turntable is compatible for Macs straight out of the box so it a great choice if you are an Apple fan.

Features of the Audio Technica AT-LP60:

  • Professional aluminum platter and a switchable pre-amp
  • Balanced tone arm that facilitates the start and stop of records due to its soft damping control.
  • Compatible with desktops and stereos. MAC compatibility guaranteed.
  • Equipped with a dual magnet phono cartridge that comes with a replaceable stylus
  • USB automatic turntable that supports two speeds of 33.3 and 45 RPM.
  • It comes with a number of cables that let you connect this turntable to almost all other components even if they do not come with a turntable input port.

Benefits Of The Sony PSLX250H Turntable:

  • Connects to other components – Where you deliberating if this turntable can let you hear your records with better audio facilities then your computer offer? If that is the case, then think no further. Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntable with its built-in switchable phono preamp makes it possible to be connected to your desktop, stereo and any component that may not even have a turntable input port.
  • USB turntable – This is a plus for Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntable when compared with other turntables in the market. It comes with cables that can connect to your high-powered speakers and stereo system. Another plus are the additional adapters that support RCA plugs and mini plugs. Doesn’t the turntable looks like a good deal?
  • Upgradable – Unlike other turntables that lack up gradation, Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntable allows you to upgrade its original ATN3600L stylus to ATN3600DLX stylus. This gives you the joy a better sound quality and an enhanced performance. You can even change the belt if you want but that may be a little costly affair. But then it’s your call entirely.
  • It is easy to assemble and has a great sound quality.
  • It comes with a replaceable stylus that enhances its performance greatly.
  • One of the best bargains if you want to bring back your vinyl back to life.
  • It has two settings to auto start 7″ and 12″ records and has two speed settings of 33.3 and 45 RPM. These settings and speeds can make majority of the records play for you.
  • Turntable is not the most durable because of plastic body.

Final Verdict:

The Audio Technica AT-LP60 Turntable is a great buy for people who wish to get their vinyl out of the cupboards. With an upgradeable stylus you can’t go wrong with this turntables performance and sound quality. You are surely cutting a good bargain with AT-LP60 Turntable, as it will give you more than what it promises in terms of quality.

Best Record Player Under 100 – Ultimate Buying Guide 2019

There are two main types to choose the best record player – the belt drive one and the direct drive one. The former are actually the old and vintage models, while the latter are the latest and modern ones.

The setup of a turntable is such that a motor has to be installed in order to rotate the platter. In the belt drive models, the motor is installed right beside the platter, and attached using an elastic belt.

Coming to the direct drive record players, they have their motor installed right in the middle of the platter. Such a setup is apparently more beneficial nowadays, as it allows the DJs to create additional sound effects simply by rotating the platter backwards.

However, the belt drive record players are believed to offer a stable, distraction-free sound, as the elastic belt ensures reduced vibrations. On the other hand, the direct drive ones may not offer the same quality of sound, simply because such a belt is absent and there may be more vibrations.

Despite this theory, however, the modern direct drive ones seem to be working just as well. This is due to the fact that they have witnessed a lot of innovation that allows them to produce a sound similar to their traditional counterparts anyway.


Coming to the functioning aspect of best record players, there are two different types again – the manual operation ones and the automatic ones. The former would require you to handle the tonearm manually, including lifting and placing it onto the record.

There’s also a sub category too in the manual type. They can be referred to as semi-automated record players. It’s because they work on a mechanism that would keep lowering the tonearm slowly all on their own. However, they still require you to turn them off manually.

The automatic ones, on the other hand, are pretty convenient to use though pretty rare. They simply require you to place the vinyl record on the platter and start it. After that, everything will be taken care of by the recorder itself.

As for the looks, the manual ones have an upper hand, as they come with a rather vintage feel. If you are a lover of convenience, however, the automatic ones may be the way to go for you.

USB option

Though most won’t need such a feature, there may be some who wish to transfer the vinyl collection onto their computer. Such users may want to go for a record player that comes with a USB option.

A final word

As you can see, choosing the best record player may well come down to your personal preferences. However, the above given information will help you find a record player that would meet your needs well.

Best Record Player Under 100 – Buyer’s Guide
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