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Best Small 5.1 Receivers – Compact Receiver Reviews


We all dream of watching movies with friends and family in our own private home theater. After all, who doesn’t want a cinema-like experience at home? The only obstacle to enjoying movies in such an atmosphere is the challenge of finding the right equipment. Many people believe it’s their TV screens that make the whole cinematic atmosphere possible. However, even though TV screens are an important part of the setup, one of the most important pieces of equipment you are going to need is a high quality 5.1 receiver.

The real challenge begins when you start looking for a receiver that will help you achieve the desired results. With thousands of models available in the market, you can easily get lost in the twists and turns of the road once you start searching for the most suitable product. After all, there are way too many factors that you need to consider, starting from price and availability all the way to sound quality and detailed features. That’s why you will be glad to hear that we did all the research for you in order to present you the five best small 5.1 receivers out there! Sit back and find the best receiver for your home setup today!

Best Small 5.1 Receivers – Compact Receiver Comparison Table:

#1IOGEAR Wireless 3D Digital Kit GW3DHDKIT3.2 Check Price
#2Yamaha RX-V485BL4.3 Check Price
#3Yamaha RX-V3854.4 Check Price
#4Onkyo HT-S39004.1 Check Price
#5Yamaha YHT-4930UBL4.4 Check Price

#1 IOGEAR Wireless 3D Digital Kit and 5.1 Channel Digital Receiver

The first product we want to present is the IOGEAR wireless 5.1 receiver that includes an entire 3D digital kit. As always, we start off with the most affordable product on the list in order to provide a variety of price ranges as we go through the remaining four options. When it comes to this IOGEAR receiver, you would be surprised by the quality of its wireless connectivity. The receiver can operate wirelessly up to 100 feet away from the source with no latency whatsoever. You can transmit full 1080p HD videos and movies from other devices located in a different room or all the way on the other side of the apartment.

The IOGEAR #D kit and receiver are a great addition to any customized setup. This device allows you to get the most out of your home entertainment even if you are on a limited budget. It truly proves that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the kind of theater-like experience you are hoping for. Furthermore, this device allows you to set up two HDTVs at once, as well as control each set up device from different rooms. This means that you can hang your TV anywhere in your house without any cables bothering you and you can control the receiver even if it is not in the same room with you.

  • Streams full 1080p HD video content
  • Wireless up to 100 feet
  • No latency
  • Two HDTV Setup
  • Can be controlled from different rooms
  • Powerful 5.1 channel audio receiver
  • Might lose signal sometimes

#2 Yamaha RX-V485BL 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver

Next up is a Yamaha 5.1 channel that comes with stunning connectivity features. It has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as AirPlay wireless connectivity, which makes it one of the most versatile receivers on the market. It is also important to mention that this Yamaha model is compatible with the voice-controlled assistant Alexa. The receiver can stream the highest quality 4K ultra HD video and support HD sound. After all, it comes from one of the most popular and most reliable manufacturers in the industry.

When it comes to audio quality, this receiver truly raises the standards. It provides a smooth yet powerful surround sound thanks to the advanced YPAO sound optimization. Moreover, you can download the free MusicCast controller application and use it to control this receiver with your smartphone. If you want to go for a full experience, add some wireless speakers to boost the sound even more. You can add a total of nine speakers and scatter them across nine different rooms to get the full experience of the surround sound audio.

  • Supports 4K Ultra HD videos
  • Compatible with Alexa assistant
  • Supports HD sounds
  • Controllable by smartphone devices
  • Smooth tone
  • Powerful surround sound
  • Built-in connectivity features include Bluetooth, WiFi, and AirPlay
  • The device doesn’t connect to other devices automatically
  • There is no treble/bass adjustment for the audio

#3 Yamaha RX-V385 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver

Next up is another 4K Ultra HD AV receiver from Yamaha. This model comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity and HDMI support. The best feature of this product is the YPAO auto-calibration technology that is responsible for the ideal cinema-like sound effects. Besides amazing audio quality, the receiver supports transmission of 4K video at 60 frames per second. In addition, it also supports HDR, which is not a common feature nowadays.

Overall, this Yamaha receiver offers amazing quality for this price range and it can be controlled via smartphone devices. On top of it all, the receiver is compatible with the Compressed Music Enhancer from Yamaha, which allows you to further edit and adjust the dynamic sounds for the best home cinema experience.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ideal sound quality
  • YPAO auto-calibration technology
  • 4K video with 60 frames per second
  • Can be controlled via smartphones
  • Optimized with the Compressed Music Enhancer from Yamaha
  • No WiFi or AirPlay connectivity
  • Poorly packaged

#4 Onkyo HT-S3900 5.1 Channel Receiver

We are going to take a step away from Yamaha products for a second and introduce this Onkyo 5.1 channel receiver. This receiver model comes with a speaker package for the entire home theater setup. What’s great about this advanced receiver is that it is capable of decoding Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio for the finest video and sound results. Unlike other receivers we mentioned, this one needs to be connected with a cable, which can be seen as a disadvantage.

However, considering the audio and video quality that you get from this device, one cable is really not that big of a deal. Furthermore, the entire setup comes with discrete analog amplifiers that add thrilling effects to audio, whether you’re listening to music or watching movies. Even though it needs to be connected via a cable, this receiver features a Bluetooth mirroring option for streaming content on your mobile or desktop device and thus mirroring it on the TV. In addition, the six-piece surround sound system that comes with the setup is powerful enough to create just the kind of theater-like atmosphere you are looking for!

  • Comes with a six-piece surround sound speaker set
  • Supports Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Authentic audio results
  • Easy installation
  • 4K video quality
  • Analog amplifiers for additional sound effects
  • Bluetooth mirroring
  • Includes a simple setup guide
  • Compact and powerful
  • Requires cable connection – not wireless

#5 Yamaha YHT-4930UBL 5.1 Channel System

Last but not least, the final product on our list is another 5.1 channel system coming from Yamaha. As the highest quality receiver on our list, this entire product is one high quality home theater in a box. It supports Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming and connection, along with highest quality 4K Ultra HD video. The receiver packs a discrete amplifier that creates outstanding cinema-like audio effects that will make your movie experience a blast.

Furthermore, the product comes with a compact speaker system that includes a powerful 6.5” subwoofer powered by 100W. Keep in mind that this is the only setup that includes a subwoofer on our list. The subwoofer makes a drastic difference in the quality of sound, which is why this is the most expensive item out of all five products. Besides additional HDCP 2.2 compatibility, the setup offers optimal sound performance and video quality.

  • Theater in a box
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4K Ultra HD video
  • HDCP 2.2 compatibility
  • Optimal sound performance
  • Additional amplifier for sound effects
  • Compact speaker system
  • Powerful subwoofer
  • None

In Conclusion To

Now that you’ve read about the five best small 5.1 receivers on the market, you are one step closer to creating the finest cinema-like atmosphere at your private home theater. Before you make your final decision as to which receiver you are going to purchase, make sure to consider some of the most important factors, including pricing, installation process, and video/audio quality.

When it comes to video and audio quality, all products on our list offer great quality parallel to the price. Speaking of the price, we’ve included several different price ranges for you to choose which option suits your budget best. Finally, think about where you would want to install your TV and if you would like to install it without using any cables. If so, make sure to go for one of the wireless receivers on the list! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know which receiver you chose!

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