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Choosing Best Songs To Learn On Guitar : What You Should Know?

When you get a new guitar in your home at your disposal and look for some startup songs to try with it, it is crucial to select the best songs to learn on guitar and start with them. As it is like everything in life, getting used to play those selected songs will encourage you very much to continue learning more different ones.


Chord strumming is not the only thing that you are going to learn as a beginner of guitar but also you have to learn how to play the songs. You will be facing some difficulty in the beginner phase when you start trying to play some songs with your guitar.

If you are not sure on which songs to pick for beginning to try them on your guitar, you can use the tips on choosing the best songs to learn on guitar which are listed below.

1. Before you can do anything with your guitar, you need to be aware of some basic information about it. You must be able to hold the guitar properly, you must have a basic understanding about how to strum the guitar and you should also know how to tune your guitar, so that the sounds that it produces will have a meaning.

2. There are some very basic chords in guitar and you should start by learning them. After getting used to them, you can pass on to other advanced chords and you can try them on your guitar. Only after getting familiar with some new chords can you select the song to try to play.

3. Knowing to play the chords is one thing and shifting through them while playing the song is another. Start playing your guitar from one chord and randomly change the chord one by one and hit the strings of your guitar with a simple rhythm in order to produce some kind of music. At first your fingers will not let you change the chords very quickly but if you continue practicing, they will become flexible enough to let you play the songs that you have selected.

4. If you are very new to playing guitar, you can select a song that utilizes only two or three chords to play the song and master playing that one and then select a harder song to increase your skills in guitar to a next level.

5. If the song that you have selected to learn to play on your guitar is too fast, then you will have a very hard time to keep up with the rhythm of the song and if you are a complete beginner, it will be impossible to change all of the chords of the song in time. The best songs to learn on guitar are the songs that have a low pace and easy to get along with the chords while playing the song. So you need to find a song that you can actually keep up with the speed of it.

6. There are some songs that you may want to pick up as the starting pieces. Such songs include “As Tears Go By” and “Paint It Black” from the famous group Rolling Stones, “Daydream Believer” from the Monkees, and “Daytripper” from the well-known group The Beatles. The similarity of these songs are being medium paced songs that do not utilize too fast chord shifting and the chords that they contain being simple to learn and apply while trying to learn to play the guitar.

The beginning part of learning the guitar does not mean that you need to start from trying to play the songs right away. Instead, trying the basics of the guitar and getting ready or the time when you are going to try to play your first song is a better approach in learning to play the guitar.

You will absolutely feel great when you can finally play the chords of a song in the guitar and that is the reason why you should pick easier songs as your beginning efforts in order not to get frustrated from your very first attempt. And it is also a proven fact that the best songs to learn on guitar are the songs that you actually enjoy listening and playing, because you will have pleasure from the learning phase of playing the guitar.

Are These the Easiest Guitar Songs to Play As a Beginner?


There are several unknown songs by popular artist that really you can play like a pro even you’re totally a guitar newbie.

If you are interested in music, why not try listening to some guitar songs for beginners? Music from a good guitar player can be very inspiring. A true artist can make it sound so easy that it makes you want to pick up a guitar and want to learn it as well.

A good place to start would be to learn some acoustic guitar songs for beginners that contain just a few chords. There are music magazines that will tell you what chords are needed for the whole song and illustrate under the lyrics when you are supposed to shift notes.

After learning to do a few notes, it really makes you so invigorated that you want to try out the songs that you like. Try not to play Eric Clapton songs first; try to aim for something simpler, just to get the feel and rhythm of playing the guitar. Build up your speed as you go along.

If you can make your notes distinct without falling out of tune, it is indeed a good sign that you are making a great success with your guitar lessons.

Here is a list of a few good artists with very good music that is easy to play. These are a must-try for beginners who want to be able to play a good song right away.

  • James Blunt
  • Razorlight
  • The Feeling
  • Van Morrison
  • Tracy Chapman
  • Scouting for Girls
  • Coldplay
  • Gabrielle
  • Some country music artist

If you want to learn a bit more on the basics, try taking a contemporary guitar course like Jamorama. They offer a good selection of modern guitar songs for beginners. The course allows you to learn the basic techniques on playing the guitar easily without much struggle.

It builds on the foundation by explaining the positions of the hands, along with a fretboard to also illustrate where your fingers are supposed to go. It has a very nice compilation of some guitar songs for beginners and is also recommended for those who are on an intermediate level of guitar playing.

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