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Best Tele Neck Pickups

Best Tele Neck Pickups – Fender Telecaster Reviews

Best Tele Neck Pickups

Choosing the right tele pickup for your guitar is very important for achieving the kind of sound you’re looking for. As you probably know, the telecaster is capable of providing clean, bright tones, as well as warmer tones suitable for jazz and blues.

Depending on what kind of sound you are aiming for, you will need to pay attention to the telecaster pickup you choose. Many guitar players completely neglect this part of the setup, which is a mistake that you don’t want to be making.

The quality of the pickup on your telecaster might be the factor that decides whether your sound will be average or professional. In other words, a tele neck pickup is a mandatory part of any professional player’s setup. With that said, it is time to look for the most suitable pickup for your guitar.

What you should be looking for is a high quality pickup that can produce a clear and organic sound in order to boost your guitar’s capabilities. To help you find the best product, we’ve put together a list of five best tele neck pickups. Make sure to go through each review and weigh the pros and cons to find the product that suits your needs and budget the best!

Best Tele Neck Pickups – Fender Telecaster Comparison Table:

#1Guitar Parts Tele Neck Humbucker Pickups4.2 Check Price
#2Kmise MI01634.3 Check Price
#3DiMarzio DP172C4.6 Check Price
#4Seymour Duncan STL-1/STR-34.3 Check Price
#5DiMarzio Area T4.8 Check Price

#1 Guitar Pickup & Pickup Parts Tele Neck Humbucker Pickups

Let’s get started with the most affordable tele neck pickup that has the capability to provide good quality results. The Guitar Pickup&Pickup Parts Tele Neck Humbucker Pickups perfectly fit this description.

Even though this is the cheapest pickup on our list, it still provides the kind of quality considered above average. It comes with durable connection wires and a cable of 28cm in length. This chrome pickup has the resistance of 7k ohms thanks to strong magnification provided by the ceramic magnet.

Overall, the pickup is made of copper and ceramic components with a clear chrome finish. Even though it does not provide the kind of quality a professional would be looking for, this pickup has everything an average player would need in order to boost the sound quality of their guitar.

After all, a slight improvement is always better than no improvement at all. We shouldn’t forget that this model is one of the cheapest and msot affordable tele pickups out there.

  • Affordable
  • Durable connection wires
  • Long cable included
  • Resistance of 7k ohms
  • Improved sound quality
  • Copper and ceramic components
  • Suitable chorme finish
  • Limited quality for the price

#2 Kmise MI0163 Electric Guitar Pickup Blade Humbucker for Tele Guitar

The second item on our list is a Kmise guitar pickup for tele guitar. This product has been tested for quality and proven to enhance the sound of any electric guitar. Its total resistance is slightly bigger than that of the previous product.

With the resistance of 10k ohms, this double coil humbucker is a great option if you want to ensure clear sound for jazz and blues tones. Interestingly, this tele pickup is originally a double coil humbucker but it can be separated into two single coil pickups, if that’s more convenient for you.

Overall, the pickup provides even sound with no pronounced tones or unnecessary noise. It sounds good and complements tele guitars very well.

If we compare it to the previous product, it is definitely a higher quality choice yet it still belongs to the middle range when it comes to pricing. Most importantly, the pickup is very convenient and versatile, especially since it can be separated into two one coil humbuckers.

  • Tested for high quality
  • Double coil humbucker
  • Can be split into two single coil pickups
  • Smooth sound, no pronounced tons
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Not professional level

#3 DiMarzio DP172C Pickup

The third item on our list is a tele pickup from DiMarzio, one of the most popular manufacturers of guitar equipment in the industry. When it comes to this specific product, it is a single coil electric guitar neck pickup that features an elegant chrome finish.

What makes this pickup more advanced than the previous, more affordable options is the fact that it features two conductors and an AlNiCo5 Magnet.

Therefore, besides perfectly suiting tele necks, this pickup provides exceptional sound quality. As soon as you install it on your guitar, you will get to experience its rich and deeply harmonic sound.

After all, this is one of the best rated DiMarzio tele pickups for a reason. It provides a sweet and bright tone suitable for jazz, blues, and other demanding types of music. If you want to improve the sound quality of your guitar with a mid-range pickup, this might be the right option to go for.

  • Single coil pickup
  • Durable
  • Features two conductors
  • Features an advanced AlNiCo5 Magnet
  • Suits tele guitars perfectly
  • Rich and deep sound
  • None

#4 Seymour Duncan STL-1/STR-3 Pickup for Tele

The fourth pickup on our list is the Seymour Duncan pickup for tele guitars. This powerful addition to guitar setups features one of the strongest magnetic fields thanks to the quarter-inch diameter pole pieces.

This characteristic makes the Setmour Duncan pickup stand above other products in its price range. It is easy to use and install but, more importantly, this pickup is capable of providing great treble effects and increasing the overall output.

If you are looking for a tele pickup that matches professional guitars, this should definitely be one of your options. This particular pickup is suitable for different styles of music, including classic rock, heavy rock, aggressive instrumental rock, as well as a smooth jazz and rock fusion.

It is also important to mention that this product is fully made within the United States, which means you can rest assured you will be receiving the highest quality for this price range.

  • Powerful pickup
  • Features a strong magnetic field for better resonance
  • Increases the overall output
  • Powerful treble effects
  • Suitable for overdrive tones
  • Matches professional guitars
  • Suitable for various styles of playing, from jazz to different types of rock music
  • None

#5 DiMarzio Area T Neck Tele Pickup

Last but not least, the final and the most professional product on our list of the five best tele neck pickups is another pickup model from DiMarzio. This time we are talking about the DiMarzio Area T Neck Tele Pickup, the most expensive and the highest quality product on our list.

It is important to mention that this is a vintage tele pickup, which means it provides a vintage and unique sound that other pickups are not capable of delivering.

Besides powerful sound quality and great performance, this pickup offers a sweet combination of clarity and warmth. It will fit perfectly on any standard tele guitar and provide tremendous output along with warm yet clear tones.

If you are aiming to take your guitar skills and sound to the next level and you’re willing to make a valuable investment, we highly recommend considering this DiMarzio Area T neck tele pickup, as it is one of the highest quality products of this kind on the market.

  • Chrome finish
  • Vintage tele pickup
  • Powerful sound and quality
  • Great performance
  • Fits standard guitars perfectly
  • Combines clarity and warmth to provide the perfect sound
  • Great output
  • None


Now that you’ve gone through the list of the five best Tele Neck pickups, it’s time to decide which pickup will suit the neck of your guitar. Keep in mind that the pickup you choose has to be able to enhance the sound of your guitar and make it warmer and far more clear than it originally is.

You cannot really expect superb results from the most affordable pickups on the market but even these products will get the job done for the average player. On the other hand, if you are a professional player or an aspiring musician looking to step up your career, you might want to consider investing a bit more into tele pickups that will make a true difference in your guitar’s sound.

If your budget allows, choose one of the higher quality pickups for better tones and more durability, as well as a more harmonic sound with deep resonance. Once you make your final decision, don’t forget to come back and leave a comment below to let us know which tele pickup you chose.

We are interested to know which product you opted for and why so don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us! If you’re still indecisive regarding which pickup you should go for, try to think about what kind of end result you’re trying to achieve. If you are an average player who is looking to step up their guitar game, go for one of the top three pickups.

The professionals who want higher quality tones for performances and recording should opt for the fourth or fifth pickup on the list!.

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