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Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


Wakeboard Speakers were born in the nineties for the fishing boat. However, with the passage of time, the commercializations of the Wakeboard Speakers have found many manufacturing companies. The standard and the performance have risen in recent times with lots of additional features.

There are many Best Wakeboard Speakers that are popular in market. But when it’s come to customers, the standard gets changed.

So, it is very important to understand and know the reviews of the different wakeboard speakers. Here are the best Wakeboard Speakers available in the market in broader and wider prospective.

Top Wakeboard Tower Speakers Comparison Table:

#1Rockford Fosgate M282-WAKE M23.5 Check Price
#2Wet Sounds Revolution Series3.5 Check Price
#3BOSS Audio MRWT404.1 Check Price
#4Pyle PLUTVA104BT2.4 Check Price
#5MCM Custom Audio 60-100213.9 Check Price

#1 Rockford Fosgate M282-WAKE M2 Wakeboard 8-Inch Tower Speaker

If you are concerned about speakers, then there is nothing like M282. These special speakers are made to fit the riding needs. The best part of the Wakeboard Speakers is the coating for proofing. It consists of multiple layers that can protect the speakers from extreme weather changes.

It also has a special coating for UV rays so that your speakers do not get damaged due to Sun. Many layers are also implied on the speakers for waterproofing as well.

Apart from it, the design, look and feel of the product is amazing and one of the best in the market. However, you never have to compromise on the sound as it can provide you clear sound with a bass thump.

#2 Wet Sounds Revolution Series 10 inch HLCD Wakeboard Tower Speakers

If you are fascinated about sound and the quality then Wet Sounds Revolution Series cannot be overlooked. You get 600 watts of subwoofer with powerful thump.

These speakers are generally spread and it is a perfect choice if you have wide and broad boat. Revolution series comes with 4 speaker set up. However, the product values the worth spent.

#3 Lanzar OPTIAT94A Opti-Drive Weatherproof Dual Bluetooth Speaker System

These are the best options if you want speakers with quality and affording cost. The speakers come with 100 watts and have crystal clear sound with set up of four speakers.

The sound is coupled with five years of warranty and that is one of the best in the industry. You may consider the option if you have a smaller boat. It has additional features of Bluetooth support as well.

#4 Pyle PLUTVA104BT Waterproof Dual Wakeboard Bluetooth Speaker

This is another Wakeboard Tower Speakers in the market that is famous for quality features. It is protected by several layers for weather, water and sun proofing.

You get 100 watts speakers with the set of four for quality sound. If you are fond of additional features then you can always get the Bluetooth Music Streaming and quality amplifiers.

#5 MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 Marine Wakeboard Speaker

You need a solid product for rough and ever changing marine environment. MCM provides you exactly the same you want. The wakeboard speakers are very handy because of multiple protective layers. It is one of the most durable products for wakeboard tower speakers.

In Conclusion To

All of these products are available in the Amazon and one can simply buy it if they are interested to buy the car speakers for amazing and eventful riding in the marine. The price of the products may change as per the offers provided by the company.

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