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How To Collect Vinyl Records

You may be at this point wherein you have been bitten by the vinyl record bug and while in the beginning you have only started with purchasing a few records here and there and purchasing your very first turntable or record player, you find yourself wanting to have more and more vinyl records ...

How to Choose Turntables Based on Features

Have you decided that you would like to have your very own turntable? You have to remember that choosing the right one can be a bit daunting especially if you see the wide range of products that are available.What you should do is to limit and narrow down your search but how are you going ...

Differences Between 78, 33 And 45 RPM

Did you grow up playing vinyl records? Perhaps you grew up listening to your parents as they play their various vinyl records and as of present time, you are feeling nostalgic about it since the vinyl records have already been given away and you would have to start your collection from scratch. ...