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How To Make Sure Your Record Player Is Compatible With Your Records


In the contemporary music world, record stands out as the icon. Simply stated, record played a significant role in development of the modern music genre. It provided musicians with a medium where they could record their work. Besides, it helped countless people across the globe listen to their favorite music especially in the 20th century. The key aspect associated with the records is the role it played in ushering the popular music era.

It simply made it easier for people to play music anywhere provided accessibility of a record player is possible. Yet, it comprises of a rich history which witnessed development and modification of the original gadget hence knowing how to make sure your record player is compatible with your records collections is inevitable.

Brief Historical Account

It all started with Leon Scott in the year 1857 who patented the phonautograph popularly referred as the forebear of the contemporary record player. However, the original device could only record music but not play it.

Twenty years later, Thomas Edison developed an instrument that could play back recorded compositions. However, in the 1894 Gramophone entered America and unanimously became the typical player for the 20th century.

Records too had an interesting history, which justifies why you must know how to make sure your record player is compatible with your records albums. For instance, initially spinning occurred at different tempos before its standardization at 78s RPM. However, technological advancement led to the reduction of the above to unprecedented 33s.

Record Player is Compatible with your Records

Compatibility of Record Players and Record

As diverse averages for records emerged in the market, so was the development of record players to contain the records produced. Essentially, countless record players are size specific for the type of record they can play. For instance, platter does not fit all the other record dimensions while, the turntable can spin at fixed speed, this complicated the aspect of listening and music enjoyment since only one typical record could play on a given record player.

However, invention of 33s and 45s almost simultaneously meant that record players could play the above standards. Consequently, the above aspect shows how to make sure your record player is compatible with your records collections.


If the platter has adequate space to contain a 33s means that, a 45s can fit and play perfectly. This also applies for the turntable drive. Most of the modern turntable drive can easily spin a platter at 33s RPM guarantees easier holding of a 45s RPM.

Thus, it enables for easier playing of the standard records. Moreover, manufacturers have endeavored to produce record players that could accommodate the two modern speeds justified production of an instrument that could include the 78s RPM.

Despite rapid decline of the 78s due to invention of the 45s and 33s, the prospect of owning a machine that could play all the three-33s, 45s, and 78s excites music consumers. Now, the solution on how to make sure your record player is compatible with your records collections lies in purchasing a 3-speed record player.

In Conclusion To

In sum, the record comprise of an iconic status in the avenue of contemporary music. The instrument served multipurpose functions in the 20th century. For instance, musicians recorded their collections and people easily played and listened to music.

This instrument transformed the music industry in a special way. Indeed, the record facilitated and ushered the popular music era. Now, it was quite easy to play and listen to music everywhere accessibility of a record player was possible.

This reduced the prospects of individual having to look for live music concerts. It was a challenging venture to trace where and when live music is playing. However, both record players and records entail a rich history, which witnessed diverse modes and modifications of the previous version created.

Consequently, it is imperative to learn how to make sure your record player is compatible with your records since over the years countless devices materialized. As records witnessed tremendous development, which saw the initial speed of 78s, RPM reduce to 33s prompt the manufacture of gadgets that could accommodate all the three speeds.

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