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Record Player : How To Choose The Best Brand/Model


A record player, also called a turntable or phonograph, remains popular since then until today. This is because it has the capacity to provide high quality sound that is unsurpassed by other music players of the modern generation. In the market, there is a wide array of record players to choose from.

There are some models that aside from being a turntable; they can also be used as AM/FM stereo, cassette/CD player, and MP3 player.

While some record players remain simple in terms of functions, some have gone complex and sophisticated that they can now be connected to modern gadgets such as an iPad, iPod, tablet or smart phone.

As a consumer, you are given the liberty to choose what kind of record player you want to buy. Owning a vintage style or more modern turntable is your own free choice. However, whatever your decision is, it is crucial to be knowledgeable about how to choose the best and where to find it beforehand.

This way, once the record player is in your hands, you will not regret the decision you have made and your money will not be put to waste.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Record Player:


#1 Select between a manual or automatic turntable

As its name implies, a manual record player would require a user to lift the tonearm and place it to the spinning record with the use of his hand. This process is called ‘cueing’. Learning how to cue a vinyl record is not easy but can be learned through time.

In addition, keep in mind that cueing is different from scratching so better take time to watch instructional videos about this to avoid damaging the vinyl record and the turntable itself.

An automatic turntable, on the other hand, has an automatic tonearm that has the ability to play records with just one push of a button. For people who have not used a record player before, this type is the ideal choice because it is the machine that will do the job of setting and playing the record. All that a user will do is choose his or her favorite vinyl record and place it onto the turntable.

#2 Determine the kind of turntable you want: belt-driven or direct drive?

For casual listening, a belt drive turntable is the ideal choice. This kind has a rubber belt which is responsible in joining the platter. It also has a motor that absorbs shock. These features prevent the vibration from the motor to produce unwanted noise in the electric signal.

Conversely, a direct drive turntable is recommended and commonly used by professional disc jockeys. We know that DJs spin records, and with this type, they can rotate the platter backwards without damaging the device. Moreover, unlike belt drive turntables which lose elasticity over time, direct drive record players provide steady and reliable rotational speed.

#3 Do you need a record player alone, or something that can also play cassette, compact discs, and MP3?

play cassette, compact discs MP3 on record player

If you want a turntable alone, then brands like Crosley and Jensen have products of this kind that are only less than $100. For Crosley, you can choose the models CR8005A Cruiser Portable Turntable (in many colors) or CR6019A Executive Portable USB-Enabled 3-Speed Turntable in black and brown color.

For Jensen, you can go for the JTA-222 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with AM/FM Stereo Radio or JTA-460 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with MP3 Encoding System and AM/FM Stereo Radio (Black) models.

However, if you want an all-in-one record player, choose brands like Electrohome or Pyle. Models like Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player 4-in-1 Classic Turntable, AM/FM Radio, CD, and AUX Input for Smartphones, Tablets, and MP3 Players (EANOS501); Wellington 4-in-1 Nostalgia Turntable Real Wood Stereo System with Record Player, USB Recording, MP3, CD & AM/FM Radio (EANOS502); and Pyle PTCD54UB Bluetooth Vintage Classic Style Turntable with Radio, CD and Cassette Players, USB Recording, iPod/MP3 Dock will surely meet all your music needs. But of course, more functions mean paying a little more.

#4 Determine your budget.

In anything that you want to buy, always be reminded to never opt for something that your budget cannot afford. Always stick to what is friendly to your wallet. This way, you will not end up broke.

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