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How to Choose Turntables Based on Features


Have you decided that you would like to have your very own turntable? You have to remember that choosing the right one can be a bit daunting especially if you see the wide range of products that are available.

What you should do is to limit and narrow down your search but how are you going to do that? It can be easy – you just need to choose a turntable based on its features.

When it comes to features, you may think about the usual things such as the price range, the brand and the model of the turntable that you are going to purchase but once you become more aware of the things that you can get depending on the turntable that you will have, you can finally find the one that you will need.

The Features of the Turntable


The turntables that are available right now come with a wide variety of features.

If you are a beginner, there is a big chance that you do not even know what some of these features are for but of course, researching and being knowledgeable about the turntable can always help tremendously.

Do you know some of the important features that your turntable should have? Here are some that you can consider:

1. Manual or Automatic Feature

It may come as a surprise to you that a lot of the manual turntables are considered to be the high end ones. This is because as people become more accustomed to using turntables, they see the need to set the needle and the cartridge of the turntable on the record so that they can control when they can stop the record and when they can let the record play.

With this said, there are also some turntables that can play the records automatically. This is perfect if you are the type of person who would need to listen to the song being played by the record with just one push of a button.

2. USB and Non USB Feature


You can tell if the turntable that you are going to get is modern or not based on this feature. A lot of the new turntables already have the USB feature available.

This makes it possible for you to transfer the song from the record on the computer. This will allow you to listen to the song quite well even when you are not using the turntable anymore.

Yet, there are still some people who are not too fond of the USB feature because they think that this removes the authenticity of playing the record as it should be played. While most turntables at present time already have the USB feature, you can still find some that do not have this.

3. Upgradeability

You have to remember that when it comes to the turntables that you are going to purchase, you have to think if it would be easy to upgrade or not. Remember that the upgradeability feature is very important because it will be hard to release a huge amount of money on a turntable in just one go.

You have to check out all of the components of the turntable. Check the cartridge and all the other parts of the components so that you will know which ones can be easy to upgrade and which parts you would have to live with. Of course, the higher end the turntable that you are going to purchase the more choices that will be available for you.

4. Price Range

This is something that people would always consider although they may not want to admit it. The price of the turntable will play a huge role on the type of turntable that you will purchase. Remember that when it comes to turntables, the higher the price of the turntable, the better the chances of the turntable to be good enough for you.

Now that you already know the various features that you can consider, do you think that you will be able to narrow down your search and eventually find the right turntable for you? Considering the features will always be good enough for you and your current needs.

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