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How to Clean A Record Player Like A Pro

How to Clean A Record Player Like A Pro

How to Clean A Record Player Like A Pro

On these days, it will be very rare for you to find “old school” electronics like your record player. So you have to be nitty-gritty about it. Its maintenance and cleaning should be among your priority to keep it in the best condition all the time. Remember that it is a collector’s item as it is already phased out and there is no more replacement parts for it. If you neglect it, you have to say goodbyes to your sweet record player.

That is not an option, of course. Administering maintenance to your record player is not at all difficult. You simply need to know how to properly clean a record player. If you don’t, you can find help from your friendly audio man or technician downtown. Or, you can use the step by step procedure on how to clean vinyl records and recorder below.

What you need to Clean A Record Player

How to Clean a Record Player

  • Alcohol
  • Clean cloth
  • Dusting cloth (Antistatic)
  • Paintbrush with soft bristles
  • Stylus brush for cleaning

Steps to Clean A Record Player

  • Clean the record player’s stylus: This is the most important part of your player and has very sensitive parts like the needle. You can try to buy a stylus cleaner from the nearest record store but it may also be phased out too. You can then use a soft paintbrush as alternative then. Do a back to front or vice versa wipes on the needle. Prevent bending it by not wiping side to side. If you need to thoroughly clean the stylus, you simply dampen your brush or cleaner with alcohol.
  • Clean the turntable: Use antistatic cloth in cleaning the turntable. You can wipe it from the center, moving outwards. If there are stubborn stains like finger prints, you can moisten the cloth with rubbing alcohol. If there is lint on the surface, you can also choose to use lint remover. Always start from the center when cleaning the turntable.
  • Dry the surface with lint-free cloth: Don’t leave your turntable without wiping it all over again with a dry lint-free antistatic cloth. Doing so will keep any moisture from attracting dust or lint. Worst, this moisture might even cause some damage on your turn table.

Note to Clean A Record Player

  • Never use your fingers in cleaning the stylus or needle of your record player. Doing so may accidentally damage it or you may leave some oil deposits on it.
  • Always use the player’s cover to protect it from dust and other unwanted elements when not in use. You can improvise if it doesn’t have a cover. Use clean cloth or buy a protective cap for it.
  • Never leave your player unmaintained for long periods of time. This will eventually take toll on its service life as well as on its performance.

Knowing how to clean a record player will definitely save your record player from damage. Best, doing so can even keep your player working for a very long time.

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