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How To Clean Vinyl Records

How To Clean Vinyl Records Like A Pro

How To Clean Vinyl Records

Vinyl records also known as gramophone record are used in a mass produced recording of music. It is a disc with a modulated and spiral groove. Many people collect vinyl records as their hobbies.

However, certain problems may occur, rooting from maintenance. For example, if vinyl records are not cleaned properly or stored carefully, dust actually attacks and the music quality of records will be affected eventually.

Cleaning vinyl records is one of the most important things. Stacking and wrapping may cause some damages, such as cracks or scratches. Moreover, playing dirty records will destroy themselves and may affect to the quality.

Which tools you need?

In cleaning vinyl records, you can consider the following vital tools:

  • Disc cleaner
  • Disc brush
  • Disc roller

A disc cleaner is a liquid that is used in washing the dirty vinyl record while a disc brush or roller is used for wiping the liquid to remove dirt. Others who cannot afford to buy the tools mentioned as above can create their own cleaning tools from water and wiping tools, which are available material in their houses.

How to clean vinyl records?


There are certain processes that must be followed in order to have a good quality of vinyl records. To avoid cleaning vinyl records regularly, here are some tips to consider:

  • Keep vinyl records dust free. Every record should be cleaned before and after it is used for maintenance routine.
  • For deeper cleaning, one of the good way usually done is using a water based record cleaner. However, please do not wet the label.
  • Use vacuum disc cleaner to remove the entire residue that is within the vinyl record.
  • Keep vinyl records in a safe place for preserving the good quality of music if you are an avid collector of these records.

Tips and advices On Cleaning Vinyl Records:

If you are a newbie in collecting vinyl records, the following tips and advices are given in order to secure a quality record collection.

  • Have a complete set of your record cleaner, which does not cost any trouble.
  • Always keep the records in a safe place to make sure that there is no problem happening when play and listen to music.
  • Cleaning a record by using a carbon fiber is necessary.
  • Be gentle with your collection. These records cannot be replaced once they are broken.
  • Use vinyl record vacuum cleaner if available. This machine is the most applicable in cleaning records while touching is not allowed.
  • Relying on simple washing with water and soap, wipe the records by a towel or an old T-shirt.

In conclusion, to keep the qualified sound without any crack, make sure that there is no dirt and remember to clean vinyl records. The most important thing is that: If you do not maintain the best record player in the right way, you cannot play it best.

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