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How To Identify Damage In Your Record Player


An increasing number of people are now buying vinyl record players not only because it matches the vintage design of their home, but also because of their love for the music of the bygone decades.

In fact, several companies now produced players that has the look and function of the old record players. However, these players also have most of the features of a modern player.

Whether you own an authentic antique vinyl record player or its high-tech versions, it is important to ensure that is in excellent condition.

This will guarantee that it will continue to produce quality sound. In order to do that, you need to identify signs of damage early on.

That way, you can resolve the issues before they worsen and become irreparable. In addition, you need to know how to care for it properly.

Identifying the Damages In Your Record Player:


Like any devices, record players are susceptible to damage especially if you have been using it for a while now. The damage may result from the wear and tear that goes with age or from your erroneous practices. Nonetheless, resolving issues in a timely manner will help prolong its life. Discussed below are some of the most common signs damage in a record player, and how to deal with them properly.

#1 Moisture Damage:

It is normal for old vinyl records to produce crackling noises on the background. This sounds becomes louder when the record is often played. In order to resolve this issue, some people recommend the wetting technique. Basically, they are saying that you can minimize the crackling noise by wiping the record with a damp cloth before putting it on the record player.

This might work initially, but the residues that found their way inside the record player will gradually cause the device to malfunction. As you already know by now, electrical devices and water doesn’t go well with each other. If you or any of your family members has been wetting the records, then consider inspecting the record player for residues. Wetting also creates more damage to your records.


#2 Accumulated Dirt on the Stylus:

In order to produce quality sound, the stylus or needle should remain clean. Dust, grime, or even residue that got stock on the tip of the stylus will create a disturbance in the delicate connection between the record and the stylus. As a result, the music will start having an increasingly audible popping noises on the background.

If the dirt starts to harden on the tip, the stylus will start leaving deep scratches on the surface of your records. Keep in mind that scratched records will no longer produce music.

It is best that you buy a special cleaning fluid that is designed for removing dirt from the stylus. Be sure to clean the stylus after listening to your records. This way, you can guarantee that dirt will have no chance to accumulate. Consider buying a replacement if the stylus is completely damaged.

#3 Power Cord Issues:

Over the years, the power cord will eventually malfunction. If this happens, your record player will not function because the cord connects it to the power source. Have the cord replaced if you cannot bear the thought of discarding your vintage record player. If your record player is just a few years old, then it is likely that factors are causing power cord failure.

Dogs and other household pets loves to chew on anything within their reach. It is likely that the power cord was damaged because your pet chewed it off. Place your player at elevated places or make sure your pet cannot reach the cord. Sometimes, the problem is not that serious.

There has been instances when record player suddenly stopped simply because the cord was accidentally unplugged or displaced from the socket. This is easy to troubleshoot because you only need connect it again to the power plug.

The best things about vintage record players is; you can still put them on display as a décor even if they no longer function. If you still want to keep playing your vintage records, you can always buy new vinyl record players. There are different models and brands to choose from so you will be spoilt for choice. Newer models also play other types of records like cassettes and compact disks.

Remember, it is your responsibility to maintain the devices you own. If you notice that something is amiss with your player, do not ignore it. Identify the damage, and fix it right away.

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