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How To Make Your Turntable Sound Better With Minimal Expense

Sing from the diaphragm, not your throat,” my music teacher commanded us. “It’s the surest way for you to sound better.” “Now, follow the pitch. Me-ee-ee-ee-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.”

“Me-ee-ee-ee-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah,” we vocalized trying to “sing from the diaphragm.” Each round is one octave higher.

While my choir-mates are busy with the vocalization, I kept asking myself, “What is a diaphragm?” “How do I ‘sing from the diaphragm’?”


Later on, I found out that the diaphragm is crucial for respiration and breathing. Hence, “singing from diaphragm” is basically controlling the breathing while singing, making the singer hold long notes and avoid sounding like Ariana Grande when she sings live (Sorry, fans). It doesn’t necessarily make your voice better, especially if you are tone deaf, but it definitely is easier for your listeners to understand the words to the song. You also won’t sound as if you’ve been running away from your creditors for a mile now.

Comparably, tweaking something in your turntables will make it sound better. No, it won’t play songs “from the diaphragm,” but there are a number of changes you can make to let out that perfect music you’ve been wanting to hear WITHOUT the need to spend too much.

#1 Location

Where you put your turntable impacts how it sounds significantly.

Have you ever wondered why when you sing in your bedroom you sound like a crying walrus but sound totally different when you’re in the shower? Like your voice was suddenly autotuned? Science says it’s because the tiles do not actually absorb the sound, making it bounce around plus the space is small. It acts as voice booster.

Well, you don’t really need to put your turntable in the shower for it to sound better (unless you really have to!). But you have to choose the perfect place in your house where it can belt out its best sound.

#2 Furniture


Have you tried singing while riding through a bumpy road? How did you sound? Did you sound like Tarzan yodeling?

Think of your turntable the same way. When you place it on furniture that’s wobbly, all music may sound bumpy. Hence, choose a sturdy, Van-Damme slash Schwarzenegger type of shelf. Solid. A Chuck Norris type may do, too!

Also, make sure the turntable platter is leveled perfectly. Stop dropping them coins in the wishing well. Save them for the platter instead. Put them under the feet where needed to ensure it is level.

#3 Turntable and Record Themselves

Whether we admit it or not our voices, especially us non-singers, change over time. It could be due to aging, sickness, or having the innate ability to have an ugly voice that gets uglier with age.

Turntables and vinyl records are similar. The more you use them, the more the parts (for turntables) eventually wear off. So, regularly change the stylus, upgrade the tonearm, and clean the records properly.

What are you waiting for? Revamp your listening experience. Go look for that perfect spot in your house, get that trusty, sturdy shelf, and upgrade your turntable and vinyl records all together. And don’t forget to sing along (in the shower, of course)!

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