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Old Record Player vs. New Record Player : Guidelines in Making the Right Choice


When my grandfather died last autumn, he left me his massive collection of vinyl records. Some of them are rare finds because they date back in the mid-40’s and early fifties. I used to hear many of those records when I was a young boy, when my brothers and I visit him on weekends.

Grandpa knows I’m the one who has the penchant for old music, so leaving me his collection is definitely a wise move. However, it was only last January when I get to check those records out because I just moved my family to a new house.

Once everything got settled, it was only then when I finally get the chance to check the vinyl records. They brought back fond memories of summers and childhood. The only problem was I do not have a record player with me. Like most people, I moved on to cassettes and CDs.

When I checked the internet, I learned that new models of vinyl record players with updated features are now available. This is the point when I started to have the dilemma that most people who are buying their first recorder often have: choosing whether to go for old authentic record players or for newer models.

Nostalgia and Authenticity

When you are playing old records, it makes sense that you also want to put it on a player that was made on the same era. This made the idea of purchasing an old record player appealing. In addition, they also have the aesthetics that newer models do not have. These old record players will certainly make an excellent decorative furniture at home. After searching the web for a few hours, I finally found someone who is selling his old player at an affordable price.

Too Much Nostalgia is Not a Good Idea


When I came to see the item in person, it looks like it is still in good condition. Most importantly, it looks like a well-maintained antique furniture. At first, I thought it was a deal made from heaven. I was happy to hear my grandpa’s old records again, so I did not notice the problems right away. Once the excitement died down, that is when I started to realize my mistake. While the records still play, the quality of the sound was anything but satisfying. The player skips every few seconds, and many other problems come to my attention.

Although I only spent around $50 to acquire the old record player, the cost for its repair cost me around $200. I could have bought a brand new record player with amount, minus the hassles. The record player is frequently on use because my wife also love listening to my vinyl records. That is why after a few weeks, the newly repaired old record player broke down again. That is when I decided to just buy a new one.

Out with the Old, In with the New


Before you start your search for a brand new record player, my advice is that you outline the things you need in a record player. This is because the number of options that you have is overwhelming. If you search without knowing what exactly you want, you will end up more confused. There are modern record players that only plays vinyl records. What separates them from older record players is they have a USB port that allows you to play digital records and convert LPs to a digitized format.

In addition to my vinyl record, I also have my own collection of records in cassette and CD format. Just recently, I also saved various MP3 songs. This is why I opted for the multi-function record players. They have a separate record player for vinyl, cassettes, and CDs. The USB port allows me to listen songs from USB, phone, tablet, and laptop. The most important thing is; I do not have a problem with the audio quality. Of course, they are much more expensive.

Choose Base on What Is Important For You

My disastrous experience in purchasing an old record player certainly affected by opinion. Keep in mind though you might have better luck at finding an excellent old record player. If authenticity is more important for you, then opting for an old record player might be a good option. That is of course if you are willing to spend a little extra for the repair and maintenance.

If you are like me, who put more importance on sound quality and convenience, then purchasing a new record player is the best course of action. Most of these new models come in black or gray color with a sleek design. They will fit in easily if your home has a contemporary design. Some manufacturers designed their record player with a vintage look. However, the addition of modern features made them less convincing as an antique.

Read Product Reviews

What I like about product reviews nowadays is that they don’t just tell you what to buy and what not to buy. They also provide relevant information that will help you determine why a particular brand or model is the perfect choice for you. Compare their features carefully, for you to know which one could meet your needs.

Choosing the right record player is not easy, especially if you are a first-time buyer. I personally considered new record players as the better option. The initial cost is high, but there is a reassurance when it comes to quality and functionality. Whether you choose the new or older record player, the most important thing is you have a great time listening to the songs they are playing for you.

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