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How To Operate A Vintage Record Player Correctly


People who just purchased their first vintage record player often feel excited to give their new acquisition a try. However, the realization that they could not operate the player correctly kills the fun. If you have the same problem, then knowing how to operate a vintage player is of utmost importance.

Aside from ensuring that you get to use it to the fullest extent, understanding how to operate a device correctly also help ensure that it will last for a long time.


The Right Way to Handle a Vinyl Record

If you want to make sure that your vinyl record’s contents will continue to sound good, then you need to keep it in excellent condition. This only prove how important it is to handle the vinyl records properly. In order to protect the longevity of the vinyl records, you need to do everything to keep its grooves protected from any damages.

This is because the songs are embedded in the vinyl through these grooves. Be sure you only hold the edges of the vinyl, to decrease its risks for scratches. Aside from that, you should also refrain from pinching the record’s surface.

Loading the Record to the Turntable

Be careful when taking the vinyl record out of its protective case. Grasp its edge then slide it off its case gently. Place the record on the turntable with the same amount of care. Do not forget to check the record’s RPM setting. This way, you can set the vintage record player to the right speed.

The side A should be facing upward if you want to start from the beginning. It is important that you do this because most vinyl records are two sided.

Playing the Vinyl Records


Once you are done loading the record and setting the RPM speed, your next step is to play the record. In most cases, you have the lift the tone arm then place its needle gently on the outermost edge of your vinyl record.

Music will start playing as soon as the needle comes in contact with the groove of the record. Keep in mind though that each model have a mechanism that is slightly different from the others. This is why you need to read the operation manuals.

There is no need to worry if you do not have a copy of the manual. This is because you can easily find them online. Some of the manuals are sold at a relatively low cost.

However, you can find websites that offer these manuals for free if you search the net thoroughly. In order to ensure that you find the right the manual, be sure to key in the brand and model of your vintage record player.

Repeating and Skipping a Song

There is a dead space that separates one song from the others, which you can see distinctly on the surface of the record. If you see an area on the surface of the vinyl that looks different from the groves that carries the music, then you found the dead space area.

If you want to skip to another song, just lift the tone arm carefully. Place it back gently on the outer edge of your record. If the song you want to listen to is on the B side, then you have to turn off the player first. Flip the record and load it carefully and properly again.

Proper Unloading of Vinyl Records

Stop the turntable accordingly if you are done listening. Be sure that you lift the tone arm carefully, and return it to its lock. When unloading a vinyl record be sure you only hold it on its edges. It is best that you hold the protective case on your other hand if you intend to unload your record. This way, you can return it swiftly back to the protection of its casing.


Never stack your vinyl records on top of each other because this might flatten and erase the groves gradually. Keep in mind that the groves carry the music. This means that once the groves are gone or damaged, your record will no longer play. The best way to store records is to place them horizontally beside each other. Leaving the record on the turntable when not in use is absolutely unwise.

This is because it will leave the record exposed to several potential damages. Protecting your records will ensure that you will be able to enjoy great music for a long time.

Finding the Right Vintage Record Player

There are different brands and models to choose from. Each one of them offer something unique, but only a few could meet your preferences. It is best for you to check the features of the vintage record player you are planning to purchase, and compare it to other players.

This way, you will be able to choose correctly. Be sure that the player is still in good condition, which means it can still play vinyl records clearly.

No matter how expensive and well-made your vintage record player, it will not last long if you are not using it correctly. This is why it is vital to understand how your player work, especially if you intend to use it every day.

Protecting the integrity and function of your vintage record player through proper usage is important because you are going to have a hard time repairing it even if you have the money to do so. Remember, their production stopped decades ago so spare parts are rare if not completely unavailable.

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