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How to Ask the Right Questions When Buying Second Hand Record Players


One of the main questions that people ask whenever they are planning to purchase record players is if they would purchase brand new or second hand.

Most people with an allotted budget may opt for a new record player because who would not want to have something that has never been used before?

There are some people who actually prefer buying second hand record players not only because of the price but because they truly want something that is vintage.

Buying Second Hand

If you have already decided that you are going to purchase something that is second hand, then you have to know that you are always being warned. You may come across a lot of record players that can only be considered as junk but because you do not know all the right details about it, you may end up purchasing one of those ‘junk record players’ for a ridiculous amount of money.

If you would know all the right questions to ask however and you will get honest answers that you need from the seller, the record player that you will purchase can be something that is made with fine quality and can be used for a long period of time. Do you know all the right questions that you would need to ask?

Questions To Ask When Buying Second Hand Record Players:

Here are some of the most important questions that you can ask the seller before you purchase a second hand record player:

1. Is the record player still working?

This is an essential question that you can ask especially if you would like to use the record player at home. If it is not working anymore, what is the point of purchasing it and placing it at home when it may also belong in your attic where some of the items that you do not need now are placed.

2. How long has the seller owned the record player?

If the seller is selling a modern record player that he/she may have owned for only a few months, you may be getting a good deal. If you are searching for something vintage and the person has had it for years, there are still more things that you have to consider but knowing how long it has been owned by the previous owner can make a huge difference.


3. How many times has it been used by the previous owner?

If you are dealing with a record player that has been played continuously for a long period of time, do you think that it will still be worth it? You have to remember that this can be a bit hard to decide on already since the cartridge and the needle may need to be replaced.

Remember that in purchasing second hand record players, there are instances when replacing some parts is already inevitable. If you would equate it with purchasing a new record player, replacing some of the parts may still end up cheaper than purchasing an entirely new record player.

4. Is it a belt drive record player or not?

You have to remember that there are some record players that are belt driven while some are not. If you are going to purchase something that is belt driven, you have to make sure that it is still functional. It has to work well.

5. Are the accessories that come with the record player still intact?

You have to remember that there are some record players that still come with all of its original parts. You can be sure that you will not have any problems with trying to make it work because all of the parts are still original. If the accessories are not original anymore, the seller has to be honest in answering this question.

After you have questioned the seller, you would need to decide if you have received satisfactory answers or not. If you are quite unhappy with the answers that you have received, you may search for other sellers of record players that will be more honest in dealing with you.

You may have to listen to your gut feel too because this may be effective at times. Once you find the right second hand record player, you will not have any regrets.

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