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Record Player Frequently Asked Questions

Record Player Frequently Asked Questions

Record Player Frequently Asked Questions

There is a big chance that you would like to have your very own record player but you may also have a lot of questions about how it works, and how you can make use of it in general. Here we have compiled a list of questions that will allow you to get to know exactly what you may possibly need.

#1 Can vinyl easily be transported into computer?

This would highly depend on the turntable that you are going to choose. There are some turntables that will allow you to just play music the right way but there are also some turntables that you can use that will allow you to connect it to your computer so that you can start transporting the vinyl records into audio files.

#2 What is the reason why the record continuously skips?

While some people automatically assume that this is because the record player or the record is broken, the reason may be because tonearm is not weighted properly. You have to check if the mechanisms that you are using are properly aligned. The moment that you check the alignment of the records that you are using, you know that you need not worry about anything else at all.

#3 The record player is playing the records at the wrong speed, what is wrong with it?

If this keeps on happening, there is a big chance that you have set the record player in the wrong speed. There are a lot of record players that make use of up to 3 speeds although most record players only have two speeds. Know the record that you are playing and set the speed correctly. You will begin to see your records playing appropriately.

#4 What is the most common turntable setup?

You have to know that there are different setups of turntables and you have to know exactly what type of setup you would like to have so that you can be sure with what you will get. For a common turntable setup, you need to have a turntable, the cartridge, amplifier, speakers and preamp. Once you have these things, you can already have a great setup that you can use appropriately.

#5 Will all record players play appropriately on all turntables?

You have to remember that it will highly depend on what record player you have and the type of records that you would like to play. There are some record players that can only play two types of records yet there are also some that can play all types of records. This is one of the things that you have to consider before you purchase any record player.

#6 Can record players cause scratches on the record players?

There are instances when people realize that their vinyl records already have some scratches and they are not sure exactly where they have gotten it. As long as the record player has been adjusted properly, it will not cause scratches on the vinyl. The records may have been scratched because of removing the record from its sleeve or even mishandling it.

#7 Do all turntables come with cartridges?

It seems that there are some people who are not sure if they should purchase the turntable because they are not sure if the price that they have to pay already comes with cartridges. Most of the time, turntables come with cartridges but you still have to double check to be sure.

#8 How will I know if the cartridge that I will purchase is better than other cartridges that are available?

You have to remember that the general rule when it comes to cartridge is the more expensive the cartridge that you are going to purchase, the better the sound quality, power output, frequency range and everything about it will be available.

#9 What is the use of turntable mats?

You have to remember that turntable mats come with various functions. They make sure that it will protect your record. The turntable mat will also improve the current sound that is being produced by the turntable. For people who are going to use turntables for DJ purposes, the use of turntable mats can also be very helpful.

#10 Do all turntables have RCA output cables?

RCA output cables are meant to be used for left and right channel signals so that you can hear the sound appropriately. While most turntables come with RCA output cables, there are still some that don’t. If you think that this is important, make sure that you will only purchase a turntable that has an RCA output.

#11 What turntables should have a high torque?

You have to remember that torque refers to the current power of the turntable motor. The torque will differ depending on the turntable that you are going to purchase. If you are into showcasing your dj skills, you may have to pick turntables that come with a high torque.

#12 Which is better belt driven turntables or non belt driven turntables?

While people will always have a preference depending on what they think will be good enough for them, a lot of experts believe that belt driven turntables are better because they do not produce as much vibration and noise as compared to non-belt driven turntables.

#13 What are the various things that the tone arm can do?

The tone arm is in charge of getting the needle into the record but aside from that, it also makes sure that the sound of the tone arm can be perfect. This means that the sound and speed should be the same both for the inner portion of the record and the outer portion of the record.

#14 Why does my record player keep on skipping the tracks of the vinyl?

There is a big chance that this has something to do with where you have placed your record player. Did you place your record player on top of a speaker? Perhaps the location where you have put it is not that stable and this causes the record players to vibrate. Due to the vibration, the tracks of the vinyl become skipped.

#15 Will the weight of vinyl records have an effect on the sound of the vinyl?

There is a chance that you would have a vinyl that seems to sound better than the others that you have. This may be due to the weight of the vinyl. While most people do not hear the difference, those who have been listening to vinyl records for a long time have said that heavier vinyl sound better on record players.

#16 How to connect a turntable without a USB output to the computer?

If in case your turntable does not have a USB output, what you can do is to make sure that you will have an adaptor that you can attach to the computer’s audio output. You know that it will already be easy to transfer your songs this way although you may need software to make it possible.

#17 How will I know if the turntable that I have is not grounded?

You will be able to pinpoint if the turntable that you have is not grounded if you would hear a humming sound whenever you are using it.

#18 Is the condition of the record player important when I am purchasing second hand?

This is important whether you are purchasing second hand or brand new record players. You ought to make sure that the condition that you are purchasing is good. You have to make sure that the condition is mint.

#19 Will the price of the turntables matter?

It has been said that the price of the turntables will matter a lot. For instance, those that are priced low are used by people who only plan on using the turntables for show or even occasionally. The more expensive the turntables are, the better their sounds are going to be.

#20 Can all turntables be upgraded?

While most turntables can be easy to upgrade, there are some that cannot be upgraded at all. Usually, turntables that can be upgraded are more expensive as you can change the parts and make them sound better. Once you have already upgraded the turntables, the sound quality will improve.

In Conclusion To Turntables FAQs

There is a chance that the one question that you have always wanted to ask is mentioned above. You will also get to know more facts and information about turntables through the things that have been placed above.

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